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End of Season A/C Special!

The weather’s certainly been unpredictable this summer here in San Jose! Perhaps you put off the recommended annual inspection of your air conditioner when it seemed like the warm weather wasn’t going to arrive, and now have been relying on it nearly every day to keep your family comfortable. Service Champions of San Jose makes

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Give new life to your struggling AC unit!

Give new life to your Struggling A/C in about an hour with our Precision Tune-Up for only $89! Our technicians are miracle workers, well maybe not miracle workers but they darn good at what they do. If you’re A/C unit just isn’t working they way it used to (or how you want it to), call

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Common Air Conditioning Problems

If you are having problems with your air conditioner, chances are you experiencing one of the following. While we don’t recommend that you work on your own furnace or air conditioner, this list may help you understand what a technician is looking for and why they are making certain recommendations. In our experience the more

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