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5 Tips To Prepare Your AC Unit for Summer

      Preparing your AC Unit for your summer operations is not a difficult task, but it’s crucial for ensuring the system runs efficiently through the heat of the summer. HVAC systems consume up to 30% more energy if not maintained, which can send your utility bills through the roof in the heavy-use season.

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6 Tips to Extend the Life of an HVAC System

  An HVAC system is a lifeline of any Californian home. A properly functioning HVAC system saves you time and money by reducing energy bills, HVAC repairs, and unending service calls. The average lifespan of an HVAC system varies from 12 – 15 years, but with a few preventive fixes now and then, the life

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Beware! Or you might lose money on your HVAC

Not all stories have good endings, but it depends on where you stop reading! We encourage you to read to the end of this article. Whether the weather is getting warm or it is freezing, all of us are dependent on a heating and cooling system. But, what is the correct HVAC system for you?

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