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Save Energy This Fall Without Compromising on Comfort

Save Energy

    Fall is at your doorstep and winter is fast approaching, but have you prepared to set your AC to give you the perfect temperature, yet save on your electricity bills? It may seem difficult to save energy without getting frozen. However, by taking just small steps, you can welcome the fall with open

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Your HVAC Can Give You Chills This Halloween

        With the fall season knocking on your door, Halloween is just a few days away. If you are scared of ghosts, ghouls, and spirits then you should know that these are not the only things to scare you off.There are HVAC horrors that are a way more scary than Halloween. Read

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Home Maintenance Costs Average


When you buy a home, it’s yours! Yeah… and everything in it too. So, if something breaks, you don’t have a landlord you can call to fix the issue, that’s on you. It sounds like something everyone should know but you’d be surprised. When it comes to Louisville real estate, I’ve learned never to take

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