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Cut Your Energy Bill By Following These 7 Methods

wooden house on a scale with utility bills evenly balanced by saving money on energy bill

Winter is here, and for many homeowners, that means switching from air conditioning to furnace for the rest of the cold season. But it could also mean a sharp change in your heating bills…for the worse. Has your home suffered high energy bills the past few winters? Want to stay comfortable without having to break

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Significance of Maintaining Your AC During Winter Months

Illustration of home winter maintenance with snowflake on wood

Good for you, obviously you’re a responsible homeowner doing the research that really counts. Long story short: the significance of maintaining your AC during the winter months is HUGE. The cooler weather is beginning to set in, and yes, your indoor AC is about to essentially hibernate, but that doesn’t mean YOUR job’s finished. If

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10 Tips on Saving Energy This Winter

happy couple checking tablet about housing energy efficiency rate

Good day there, are you online researching how to go about saving energy this winter? We’ve got you covered! In this article we’ve assembled ten great tips from five highly-respected authorities. Let’s start right at the top of the proverbial pyramid, with the folks who handle our nation’s light switches.   The Department of Energy

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Insulation: It’s More Than Meets The Eye

house covered by dollars concept by saving money with good insulation

Because Service Champions works with homeowners across Northern California to ensure they have high-performance HVAC systems year round, we get a TON of questions regarding one all-important factor:     How To Maximize Energy Efficiency Outside of having premium systems in place and a partnership with a company like ours that can professionally maintain your systems,

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