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Archive for September, 2021

Is There Water or Moisture Around Your AC Vents?

What are those water spots on the ceiling? Does it look as if the vents are leaking? If you find water or moisture around your HVAC vents, take action fast! Continue reading to learn more about moisture and water damage around your home’s AC vents. Condensation What causes condensation to form on the air ducts

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How Long Will My Furnace Last? When Should I Replace It?

Everything has an expiration date. When something is important, or expensive, extending its lifespan as much as possible is beneficial and preferable. Do you know the expected lifespan of your furnace? Or what you can do in the meantime to upkeep its functionality and longevity? How Long Will My Furnace Last? One question we hear

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3 Common Reasons a Home A/C Will Overheat and Shut Down

Imagine you get home from a hard day of work, only to realize…your air conditioner isn’t working. Your home is hot and muggy, and you’re a sweaty mess already! This is a common scenario when summer hits and the air conditioner overheats. When it overheats, it will trip the circuit breaker—and continue to do so

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