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Can an HVAC Company Help You Save Money?

June 27th, 2016

A large chunk of your monthly energy bills comes from the heating and cooling sources you use to keep your home comfortable. It’s not practical to stop using air conditioners and furnaces when the weather becomes extreme. However, there’s a lot of energy wasted in most homes, which means you’re possibly losing money for no good reason!


Most people only call professionals when they face a problem with their HVAC system. However, an HVAC company can help you identify and correct energy wastage problems before they happen. This ensures that your home’s comfort system functions efficiently, saving you a lot of money in the long run.


Here’s how the experts can help:


1. Conduct an Energy Audit – A home energy audit lets you understand the energy efficiency of your HVAC and other appliances. The audit can include an examination of your energy bills as well as an inspection of your whole house to measure energy consumption, identify possible concerns and suggest improvements.

2. Check for Leaks and Drafts– During the audit, the HVAC technician will locate areas where drafts or leaks allow cool or warm air to escape from your home, as well as let outdoor air in. They can also repair cracks, holes or loose duct work, to ensure there’s no wastage or obstruction in air flow within your house.

3. Suggest Changes to Insulation – If your home is under-insulated, the outside temperature can affect the conditioned air indoors. If heat is escaping from or leaking into your house through the walls, ceiling and floor, the efficiency of the HVAC is compromised and your energy bills could go through the roof!

4. Perform Preventative Maintenance– Even minor issues can affect HVAC performance, which means it will work harder and use more energy to keep your home comfortable. Regular maintenance keeps problems at bay, and ensures existing ones are fixed before they get worse and start affecting HVAC efficiency.

5. Help You Choose a Thermostat – A programmable thermostat lets you control HVAC performance both when you’re home and outside, so it isn’t running when you don’t need it. Picking the right thermostat for your home is a crucial step to minimizing energy wastage, and an HVAC company can recommend what you need.

6. Other Heating and Cooling Sources–Along with energy savings tips for your existing HVAC unit, professionals can help you explore alternatives that will boost your savings. Discuss energy efficient upgrades that reduce electricity consumption, how much they cost upfront and what you will save in energy bills every month.

7. Upgrade Other Appliances –HVAC technicians can make informed suggestions about other energy guzzlers in your home too, like dishwashers or dryers.If you invest in an energy efficient appliance to replace the one that consumes more electricity, your savings add up tremendously. In fact, your investment pays for itself in the long run!

8. Offer Energy Saving Tips– Often, small changes make a huge difference. You may not be aware of things you can do for free (or at very little cost), like changing your window treatments, planting trees for shade and installing ceiling fans to improve ventilation. Ask an HVAC company for their advice about reducing energy bills.



A well-planned home with a properly functioning comfort system minimizes energy consumption. Understand and monitor your home’s efficiency to keep costs in check, and make sure your HVAC is in top condition throughout the year.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike– Schedule an HVAC maintenance plan with the Service Champions today. Call us at 925-444-4444 and start saving on monthly energy bills now!

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