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  • Pros and Cons of On-Demand, Tankless Water Heaters

    Pros and Cons of On-Demand, Tankless Water Heaters

    August 7th, 2018
    When it’s time to start looking for water heater replacement options, you may be considering switching to a tankless, or on-demand, water heating system. While tankless water heaters take up less space and can save you a lot of energy,
  • How to Inspect Air Ducts for Leaks

    How to Inspect Your Air Ducts for Leaks

    July 20th, 2018
    One of the major disadvantages when it comes to central air conditioning is the ductwork. According to the U.S. EPA, the average duct system loses around 20% to 30% of its air to holes and leaks in the ductwork. If
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Forced Air Systems

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Forced Air Systems

    June 19th, 2018
    When it’s time to start thinking about a new system for heating and cooling your home, your first thought might be central air, also known as a forced-air system. While there are a lot of advantages when it comes to
  • Why HVAC Air Filters Are So Important

    Why HVAC Air Filters Are So Important

    February 20th, 2018
    When was the last time you changed your air filter? When it comes to home comfort, it’s often the little things that make a huge difference. Change your air filter every month during heavy use months, and at least every
  • Electric Heating System Options

    Electric Heating Options | Electric Heaters for Your Home

    February 13th, 2018
    While most homes are heated by forced air or hot water, electric heating can make sense in certain circumstances. For instance, if you live in an area where electricity is cheaper than gas/oil (very rare) or extending central heating ductwork
  • Heat Pump Sizing Load Calculations

    Sizing a Heat Pump: Heat Pump Load Calculations

    February 9th, 2018
    Many homes in the San Francisco Bay Area use a heat pump to provide energy-efficient heating and air conditioning. A heat pump functions as typical central air conditioner in the summer; in the winter, the refrigeration cycle reverses itself to
  • Forced Air Furnace Benefits and Advantages

    7 Benefits of Forced Air Furnaces

    February 6th, 2018
    A forced air furnace is a heating system that burns either gas, fuel oil, or propane for heat. Using return ducts, it takes air from inside your home, heats it, then delivers the warm air back into your home via
  • 7 Heating System Types

    7 Home Heating System Types 

    February 2nd, 2018
    It can be hard to let go of your old heating system and commit to a new one you hardly know. If you have an aging unit that needs replacement, however, it can be exciting to see the variety of
  • Hot Water Boiler Hydronic System - Circulating Hot Water Systems

    Introduction to Hot Water Boilers and Hydronic Systems

    January 23rd, 2018
    Hydronic boilers, coming from the word “hydro” meaning water, comprise central boilers and water heaters. The hot water or steam that is produced runs through pipes into radiators, which releases heat energy into the room. Once the water or steam
  • How to Dust Clean Electromechanical Thermostat

    How to Clean an Electromechanical Thermostat

    January 16th, 2018
    The thermostat is a device familiar to every homeowner. And when it stops working, everyone in the household notices. If the heating or cooling suddenly turns off, one of the first things you should check is the thermostat. First, make
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