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Indoor and Outdoor Fall Maintenance Checklist

October 12th, 2018

The temperatures are dropping and so are the leaves. It’s time to start preparing your home for colder weather.

Here’s a useful fall maintenance checklist to keep you cozy, safe, and comfortable through the holiday season and beyond. 

Indoor Fall Maintenance

  1. Schedule a Professional Furnace Tune-Up

The first thing you want to do to make sure your furnace is efficient and effective is to schedule professional furnace maintenance in the fall.

This way, a certified professional can inspect and clean the entire system, and alert you to possible worn-out parts and other potential problems. Cleaning burners, combustion chambers, fans, flues, and other furnace parts requires special skill. Annual furnace cleaning and tuning will lead to significant savings and longevity.

Additionally, if your furnace is still under warranty, a yearly professional tune-up will make sure it remains in effect. Neglecting regular furnace maintenance often voids any manufacturer warranties.

To ensure you get the annual heating and cooling tune-ups you need, sign up for a home maintenance plan, such our Maintenance Value Plan (MVP). By signing up, you get 2 precision tune-ups a year, plus front-of-the-line scheduling, discounts on repairs, and much more.

Learn more fall furnace maintenance.

  1. Clean and Inspect Vents

If you have a forced air heating system, there is a series of ducts running throughout your home, with supply vents that blow out conditioned air and returns that extract air from the room to provide to your air handler.

In order for your furnace and HVAC system to work properly, all vents and registers should be open and unobstructed. Go around your home, looking behind furniture and under rugs, for any blocked vents.

While you’re at it, take the time to clean the grilles and the area around the vents. Regular cleaning and dusting will help prevent dust and debris from entering your duct and HVAC system.

The next time you have a professional HVAC technician in your home, have them inspect the duct system to make sure it is as efficient as it can be. Ask about duct cleaning and sealing.

Learn more HVAC maintenance tips for fall and winter.

  1. Air Sealing and Insulation

Block air from leaking in and out of your home by sealing doors and windows with door sweeps, weatherstripping, and caulk. Check for air leaks around windows and doors with a lit piece of incense. Make sure you have turned off the HVAC system and any fans to prevent still the air in your home.

Learn how to seal and insulate your garage for winter. Speak with a professional HVAC technician for the ideal insulation/ventilation combination. Of course, you can ask them to inspect your home when you get your heater tuned up for the season.

  1. Heating Safety

Take heed of heating safety precautions:

  • Use only dry, seasoned wood.
  • Don’t leave fires unattended.
  • Have your fireplace and chimney inspected yearly.
  • Never burn garbage in your fireplace.
  • Watch children carefully around fireplaces and gas stoves.
  • Keep flammable materials at least 3-feet away from heat sources.
  • Make sure you have working smoke and CO detectors on every floor of the home and outside each sleeping area.
  • Get an annual furnace tune-up.
  • Clear the area around your furnace of combustible materials.
  • Do not use extension cords as a permanent solution.
  • Place heaters on solid, flat, level surface.
  • Do not use electric heaters in the bathroom or other wet areas.
  • Periodically check electric heaters’ cords for damage.
  • For gas heaters, use only the fuel recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Know how to detect gas and carbon monoxide leaks.

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Outdoor Autumn Maintenance

  1. Clean Gutters 

Gutter cleaning and maintenance is essential before winter because you want ice and snow to melt and drain away from the home properly. When gutters get clogged, water runs over the side and can cause major water damage.

In addition to cleaning the gutters, make sure the downspouts are pointed away from the foundation, walkways, and driveways. Consider installing downspout extenders if you need to direct water further away from the home.

Cleaning gutters can be very dangerous, so make sure you go over important ladder safety tips first, or contact a professional to do it for you.

  1. Roof Inspection

Take out your binoculars and take a look at your roof. You should inspect the roof once or twice a year to make sure there is no damage, sagging sections, or accumulated leaves and debris.

  • Buckling, curling, or blistering shingles
  • Missing or damaged shingles
  • Missing or damaged chimney cap and rubber boots around vent pipes
  • Masses of moss, algae, leaves, or anything else that can indicate moisture damage or decay

It’s a good idea to get your roof professionally inspected once a year to reveal structural weaknesses and other problems you should be aware of.

  1. Healthy Lawn

When the leaves start falling, rake them into piles and put them into yard waste bags. Do NOT burn them.

Keep firewood at least 15 feet away from the home. This helps reduce the risk of termites infesting your property.

  1. Gas-Powered Lawn Equipment

When the summer ends, it’s time to drain your lawn mowers and other gas-powered equipment of gas. After draining the gas, make sure the equipment is properly stored in a dry place for winter.


Don’t forget to schedule professional fall furnace maintenance. Not only will you save money and energy, you will also improve comfort, maintain any manufacturer warranties, and extend the lifespan of your equipment.

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