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Why is My Heat Pump Covered In Ice/Frost?

It’s normal for a heat pump to be covered in a bit of frost during the winter. Especially when it’s humid outside after rain. Why? Because a heat pump in “heat” mode is pulling heat from the outside air and pulling it into your home. When that happens the humidity/moisture in the air around the

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7 Ways to Help Cure Your Winter Alligator Skin

Winter means a lot of things – warmer clothes, shorter days, colder weather and, to many, ridiculously dry alligator skin. You see, when you heat your home’s air, the relative humidity drops because warm air can hold more moisture. This causes the drier air to pull moisture from your skin, causing dry, scaly alligator-like texture

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Top 10 Tips for an Energy-Efficient Holiday Season

No matter what you do, it seems the holidays are always busy. And the gift-giving can cause some financial tension. To make your holidays less stressful and help you save some money, we have put together a 10 tips to an energy efficient holiday season. 1. Purchase Energy Efficient Gifts If you are purchasing electronics

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Gas Furnace Maintenance: 3 Ways It Saves You Money

Most homeowners think, “Is a professional furnace maintenance visit really worth the money?” It’s a fair question. After all, everyone who spends money on something expects to get something of equivalent or more value in return. So what we want to show you is why gas furnace maintenance is a wise return on investment. Here

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