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Pre-Vacation Checklist | How to Protect Your Home While Traveling

May 29th, 2018

Have you ever left on vacation and then spent the entire time worrying about whether or not you forgot to turn off the stove or take the garbage out? Vacations are often ruined by anxiety for the home you left behind.

And of course, there’s a reason to worry. From plumbing leaks and dead plants to pest problems and fires—not to mention home break-ins—a lot of damage can be done in a short period of time.

Well, that’s what a checklist is for. Here’s a pre-vacation checklist to help reduce the risks to your home while on vacation.

Pre-Vacation Checklist

1 Week to 2 Days Before:

  • Ask someone to collect your mail, water the plants, house-sit, etc. (whatever you need done while on vacation)
  • Put a hold on any packages or newspapers
  • Schedule a pet sitter or kennel stay
  • Pay bills and take care of any last-minute work or personal affairs
  • Make sure you have all the toiletry, medication, clothing and gear you need for the trip
  • Let your neighbors and family know about your travel itinerary
  • Arrange for a ride to the airport and reserve a parking spot at the airport if needed
  • Get your air conditioner ready for summer

Day Before:

  • Mow your grass, inspect the perimeter and put away ladders, bikes, sports and yard equipment
  • If you have an alarm system, notify them that you’ll be away
  • Take out the trash (ask someone to take it out for you if the pickup date doesn’t line up)
  • Throw away all perishable food items that will expire while you are gone (consider transferring some items to the freezer)
  • Do the laundry to make sure you have clean clothes for the trip
  • Print out your itinerary, boarding passes, and/or driving directions. You’ll want an analog backup for your phone
  • Confirm any hotel and/or rental car reservations
  • Program all of the important phone numbers you need into your phone
  • Download all of the music you’ll need for the trip
  • Make sure you have chargers for all of your electronics (buy the appropriate adapter if traveling internationally)
  • Withdraw enough cash for tips and emergencies
  • Contact your bank and let them know of your travel plans (otherwise, you may find yourself locked out of your bank account and on the phone with your bank during what’s supposed to be a relaxing vacation)
  • Set up away messages for your email
  • Pack everything the day before so you can leave on time

Day Of:

  • Make sure all your doors and windows are locked
  • Make sure there are no dirty dishes and that the garbage disposal is free of food scraps
  • Take out the last of the garbage and recycling
  • Turn off lights and electronics and set timers for some of them (double-check coffeemakers, stoves, hair straighteners, etc.)
  • To save some money on your electrical bill and prevent the chance of a damaging surge, unplug devices from the wall (electronics still use energy when turned off but plugged in)
  • Set the thermostat to about 80 degrees in summer and about 60 degrees in winter (4-5 degrees up or down from the normal temperature)
  • Close blinds and curtains, but leave strategically leave some open if that’s what you normally do
  • Double-check your luggage and clothing for any restricted items, such as loose ammunition
  • Check the TSA website for what you can and cannot pack into your suitcase (there are different rules for carry-ons)
  • Make sure you have your ID/passport, medicine, wallet, phone, boarding pass, itinerary, and other important items packed
  • Check-in to your flight online (this will save you time at the airport)

Now go and enjoy your stress-free vacation! Well, at least when it comes to your house and property.

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