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The Solution to Springtime Allergies

March 12th, 2019

The starts of spring is synonymous with seasonal allergies. Beginning in March, asthma and allergies symptoms flare up, including sneezing, itching, and stuffy noses.

In the springtime alone, hay fever — an allergy to pollens, dust mites, molds, or animal hair — affects 30 to 60 million people in the United States. Allergens enter the home by means of household products, dust, pollen, mold growth, airborne pollution, and the dander and droppings of various animals and insects.

If you are feeling cold-like symptoms, such as chills and body aches, you may have an upper respiratory virus. The typical symptoms of allergies are sneezing, stuffiness, and feeling itchy around the nose and eyes.

The Solution to Springtime Allergies

1. Use High-Quality Furnace Filters

It’s essential to purchase a high-quality air filter in order to facilitate smooth airflow and clean indoor air for your home and HVAC system. Your furnace filter acts as the first line of defense against dust particles and other airborne particulates in the home environment.

Learn about the importance of air filters and why your filter may not be working.

2. Get Rid of Indoor and Outdoor Debris

Make sure the outdoor heat pump (condenser unit) and the surrounding area are clean in terms of leaves, dirt, and debris. While your technician will clean the HVAC system during annual maintenance, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the outdoor unit for any air blockages. For optimal performance and energy efficiency, it’s important to maintain a 3-foot clearance around the unit and periodically clear away leaves, garbage, and other debris.

Similarly, the indoor air handler unit of your HVAC system needs proper airflow to function properly. If there is a lot of dirt, dust, and debris around your indoor unit, not only will this negatively impact indoor air quality, it could also be a fire hazard.

3. Check for Mold

As we all know, it’s unhygienic to have mold in the house, since it increases the chances of allergies as well as a wide range of other health problems. Mold is primarily formed from spores of fungus, which tend to be especially harmful when they are in the evaporator coils and the ducts that transport the cool or heated air around the entire house, putting every family member’s health at risk.

4. Clean Supply and Return Vents

The duct registers and the return vents of the HVAC system need to be cleaned as regularly as possible, and before you clean the rest of the unit, so you can make sure there is clean air being circulated around the house. Cleaning them is fairly easy and should be a particular priority during the springtime, since this helps to keep the house cleaner and its members healthier.

5. Schedule Pro HVAC Maintenance Twice a Year

It is essential to schedule professional HVAC maintenance every fall and spring, when the seasons begin to change. A qualified HVAC technician would be able to advise you on the best routine for regular maintenance, which will not only keep the HVAC system working optimally all year around, but also help minimize the presence of allergens in the air inside your house.

The U.S. EPA has identified low indoor air quality as one of the main health threats in the U.S. Dust, dirt, dander, hair, pollen, and microbes floating around your home can causes headaches, nausea, dry skin, irritated eyes, runny nose, breathing difficulties, trouble sleeping, and many other flu-like symptoms. These issues are even worse for people with allergies.

There can be serious health consequences for households with more than one source of indoor air pollution. Fortunately, by speaking with the HVAC and indoor air quality experts at Service Champions, you can find out how to reduce or remove existing sources of pollution and prevent new problems from occurring.

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