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Specific Heater Problems That Regular Maintenance Helps Avoid

February 23rd, 2016


If your furnace is acting up, you are in a group of millions of other home owners who face the same challenge. From malfunctioning heaters to noisy furnaces and ordinary wear and tear, many furnaces face common problems. The good news is that you can conduct regular maintenance approaches to prevent problems and prolong the life of your asset.


Lack of maintenance

Installing a heater in your house is a great step towards achieving a quality lifestyle. However, the lack of proper furnace maintenance can affect its functioning, cause it’s fast deterioration, and subsequently compromise the quality of life. If heat exchangers are cracked, worn out, or corroded, toxic gases can escape into the home’s atmosphere. You need to have them fixed.

The loss of refrigerant is a common effect and specialists should check the fluids regularly to ensure they maintain the right levels. If there are leaks, an expert should identify, seal, and recharge the refrigerant to its optimal level.

Wear and tear

Ordinary wear and tear can arise especially when your heater runs constantly. This leads to problems in the flow of air and heat control and causes overheating. Schedule regular inspections on the device and check faults such as burnt out motors and dirty filters. Industry experts recommend the replacement of filters every month.

Again, check the motors to find out if they are burnt out. Just like any other systems that use forced air, motors should be cleaned and lubricated efficiently. This reduces the friction during operation. Let a professional conduct the cleaning and replacement of parts.

Electric ignition or pilot control problems

The heater cannot heat a commercial or residential building if the ignition is faulty or if the pilot control has issues. Some undesirable effects include clogs in the heater as well as thermocouple challenges. Faulty electrical equipment and clogged components may be the cause of faulty ignitions.

Malfunctioning thermostat

If a furnace thermostat is faulty, there will be problems in the fan. Sometimes the battery of the thermostat is dead. Having it replaced can solve the problem. Evidently, simple furnace repair approaches can save your home or commercial establishment from chronic headaches.

If the thermostat screen doesn’t display anything, check to see if the circuit breaker blew a fuse or tripped. Where you do not have success with this, you may have to purchase a new thermostat. Ensure the new one matches the heater’s capacity and capability.

Furnace doesn’t heat enough

If a furnace does not provide enough heat, find out if the filter is clogged. Therefore, ensure you have the right furnace for the space it should heat. If a furnace doesn’t heat at all, the thermostat could have the wrong settings. Ensure it is set to ‘Heat’. In addition, ensure the temperature setting is higher than the current room temperature. Otherwise, there could be problems with the supply of gas, power, or pilot light, and this needs the intervention of a furnace maintenance expert.

The blower continuously runs

Let a professional furnace expert check problems with the blower, especially if it runs continuously. There could be a problem with the limit switch, which needs replacing. Check the fan setting to ensure it’s set to ‘Auto’. Otherwise, the fan will continue running if the setting on the fan is ‘On’, ‘Low’, ‘Medium’, or ‘High’.

The furnace is too noisy

If the furnace is producing too much noise, it could be an indication of mechanical problems, clogged burners, and reduced flow of air, among others. Call a professional to do furnace repair, unless you are well trained yourself.


To avoid voiding the warranty of your furnace or causing more damage, call experts from Mountain Service Champions. Let the experts handle complicated mechanical problems for you. For example, they can conduct checks on the gas feed to avoid a malfunction on the pressure regulator.

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