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How to Tackle Inefficient Problems Related to Thermostats

July 21st, 2016


Thermostats give you the ability to set a temperature that you feel comfortable in. However, if your HVAC system gives you problems and affects the temperature in the room, it can cause discomfort. There are numerous reasons for your cooling system to behave in such a manner and it would be ideal to investigate the problem one component at a time. Starting with the thermostat is usually a good idea.


Let’s see which problems thermostats can cause and how they lead to the inefficient operation of your HVAC systems.


Inability of the Cooling System to Start

If the cooling system doesn’t start or shows signs of failure, it could mean that the problem is something small that you can handle but in most cases it usually points to a major system glitch. Check for the following signs:

  1. If the thermostat’s display isn’t lit, then the device most likely isn’t receiving any power. As a result, it cannot signal the HVAC system to cycle on at the right time. This issue can be handled by installing new batteries or check if there is any blown fuse or tripped breaker in your electrical panel.
  2. If there is any accumulated dust, dirt, smoke, soot or even cobwebs inside the thermostat, it can greatly affect the thermostat’s normal functioning. Remove the thermostat cover after shutting it down and clean it thoroughly. Most smart thermostats have extremely delicate panels which should be cleaned only by the professionals.
  3. If there are loose parts within the thermostat, it will interfere with the thermostat’s ability to function properly. Tighten or replace such components with the help of a professional.


Temperature Reflected on the Thermostat Doesn’t Match the Room Temperature

At times you may notice that the room temperature and the thermostat setting do not match. This makes it difficult to find the right settings to make the indoors comfortable. Additionally, you will notice a surge in your electric bill due to inefficient cycling. This problem can be addressed in the following ways:

  1. If the thermostat is really old, it may be teeming with inefficiency issues. Upgrade it with a new one and you can enjoy new and improved features which are designed to be highly functional and user-friendly.
  2. The location of the thermostat may also affect efficiency. It should be placed away from direct sunlight and
    shouldn’t be exposed to dust, heat source or cold drafts. These factors will affect the thermostat’s readings.
  3. If the thermostat isn’t level on the wall, there will be discrepancies in the readings. If the thermostat is mercury based, and isn’t set straight due to poor installation, loose screws or an accidental bump, inaccurate readings will be shown.


Frequent On and Off Cycling

Depending on the thermostat’s settings, it could allow for the cycle rates to be set at a fixed number of cycles per hour. The heat anticipator does the task of regulating the heater’s cycling and shuts off the heat after a certain point. This helps in preventing the house from reaching undesirable temperatures before it can reach the set temperature. If the anticipator isn’t calibrated properly, it can affect the cycling periods. Thus, it should be ideally set to prevent the house from getting too cold or too hot for prolonged period of time. It also prevents the frequent shutting on and off of the cycling process.

When the filters and air ducts aren’t cleaned properly or when the thermostat isn’t sitting at a certain level, chances are that the heaters and air conditioning unit will malfunction and affect the ways it cycles. The same applies for loose connection or worn out components as they will directly affect the thermostat’s ability to cycle efficiently.

A quick check-up and fixing of thermostats will give back the comfort and resolve most issues immediately.

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