energy efficiency

Cut Your Energy Bill By Following These 7 Methods

wooden house on a scale with utility bills evenly balanced by saving money on energy bill

Winter is here, and for many homeowners, that means switching from air conditioning to furnace for the rest of the cold season. But it could also mean a sharp change in your heating bills…for the worse. Has your home suffered high energy bills the past few winters? Want to stay comfortable without having to break

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10 Tips on Saving Energy This Winter

happy couple checking tablet about housing energy efficiency rate

Good day there, are you online researching how to go about saving energy this winter? We’ve got you covered! In this article we’ve assembled ten great tips from five highly-respected authorities. Let’s start right at the top of the proverbial pyramid, with the folks who handle our nation’s light switches.   The Department of Energy

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Insulation: It’s More Than Meets The Eye

house covered by dollars concept by saving money with good insulation

Because Service Champions works with homeowners across Northern California to ensure they have high-performance HVAC systems year round, we get a TON of questions regarding one all-important factor:     How To Maximize Energy Efficiency Outside of having premium systems in place and a partnership with a company like ours that can professionally maintain your systems,

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10 Most Common Central Heating Problems

Good day neighbor; out researching common central heating problems?   No one can blame you, especially if it happens to be Winter as you’re reading this. Central heating systems tend to go into hissy fits around this time of the year when they’re zapped into service after sleeping through the summer.   But before we

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What Does Installation of a Central Heating System Involve?

trained professional inspecting and replacing a central heating system

Central heating systems are the most popular heating options when it comes to home heating, and for good reason. Rather than having to install a heating system in each room, you can heat your entire home through a series of ducts. But installation can be an involved process. Have you scheduled your first central heating

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How To Winterize Your Home

cozy home after winterization by service champions

Introduction Ah yes, for some, Winter is the best time of year (cold and snow lovers). For homeowners, you’ve got your Spring Cleaning checklist, then you’ve got your Winterizing checklist. Right? Or, maybe not, since you’re here reading this right now.   Let’s give you a basic rundown on how to winterize a basic residential

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3 Furnace Tune-Up Tips

man showing furnace tune up tips on an customers furnace

Out of sight and out of mind is no way to think of your furnace. Sure, you might not see it often, but that doesn’t mean you should wait until there’s a problem before you check on it. If you want to avoid inconvenient breakdowns or spikes in your heating bills, it’s a good idea

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Optimizing Your Energy/HVAC In Your Home

happy woman from optimizing energy/HVAC in home

Saving energy means saving money in your Northern California home. Especially in winter, energy efficiency is crucial to your home. The more energy you save, the more you’re money you’ll save throughout the year. If you know how to optimize your energy usage and HVAC system in your home, you can save money on your

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Blanket Insulation (Batts and Rolls) vs Foam Board Insulation

Blanket Insulation (Batts and Rolls) vs Foam Board Insulation - Service Champions

If you want to keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient, you’re going to need the proper insulation. There are lots of choices when it comes to different types of insulation, but today we’re focusing on just two: blanket insulation and board insulation. If you are adding insulation to your attic, it’s generally a good idea

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