furnace troubleshooting

Furnace Troubleshooting | Common Problems & Easy Solutions

Service Champions technician inspecting furnace in attic

A furnace is crucial for comfort and survival in cold winter weather. Without it, we would still be huddling around wood fires to stay warm. Unfortunately, furnaces need regular professional tune-ups and homeowner upkeep to run strongly and efficiently. Even with proper maintenance, however, furnaces can break down and develop problems that impede regular functioning.

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Furnace Not Working? Try This Before Calling the Pros

Furnace Not Working? Try This Before Calling the Pros - Service Champions

It’s cold out, which is when many homeowners realize just how important regular furnace maintenance is. Fortunately, there are ways to get your furnace back up and running again before calling the pros. If you suspect a problem, however, don’t attempt a DIY furnace repair. You could harm yourself or others and void any warranties you may

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