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What Questions Should You Ask While Getting an Air Conditioning Estimate?

October 12th, 2015

Air conditioning is the one major utility that usually racks up quite a large bill in every house hold. This makes it necessary to consult a professional HVAC company while considering upgrading an existing air conditioning system for the best possible outcome, both in terms of comfort and cost.

Being well-prepared is essential when it comes to getting your money’s worth while investing in any new equipment for the home, especially a large purchase like a new air conditioning system. The best way to ensure that you’re getting a great deal is to ask the right questions!

The following questions are essential to ask when requesting an estimate for a new HVAC system:

  • What is the estimated size or capacity necessary to cool a home comfortably?

Enquire about the right size for an air conditioner, which will effectively cool the area it is chosen for, since one that is either too big or too small will either use too much energy or not deliver a comfortable temperature.

  • When is it necessary to change the ductwork?

Ducts make up the circulatory system around the house, channelling conditioned air to vents and transporting exhaust air and waste heat out of rooms, so it’s important to know if the ductwork needs cleaning or replacing before a new HVAC installation.

  • Should new technology be taken into account?

Always ask about the best possible product with the latest technology in a given budget to enhance the air conditioning experience at home. Ask about possible recommendations and feedback presented by other customers.

  • Is the air conditioning company insured?

An air conditioning company ideally will not hesitate to provide proof of being insured or possessing a licensed bond. Make sure to ask for all the terms and conditions in writing, too.

  • Is the air conditioning unit energy-efficient?

Opting for an energy-efficient air conditioning system can have its pros and cons, so make sure to check the ratings and enquire if the system offers a financial advantage.

  • What are the various brands on offer?

An HVAC company could have various brands available, so ask about the benefits of each to narrow down the best possible options and choose the preferred air conditioning unit.

  • Are there any tax benefits involved?

Investing in a new air conditioning system can be highly expensive, so check whether the chosen unit offers a tax rebate or has a tax credit system in place.

  • Are all the necessary permits in place?

For smooth functioning of an HVAC system and to protect the home owner’s insurance, permits need to be in place. A professional HVAC company will have the necessary permits in check and will be able to offer relevant documentation.

  • What are the possible payment terms?

Before finalizing a purchase consider all the possible payment options to decide which ones work out best. With a little negotiation, the perfect deal can be struck for you to take home a brand new HVAC system. There’s a good chance the manufacturer offers financing too.

  • Is there a guarantee offered?

Any and all new purchases should come with a guarantee, even if it’s only satisfaction. Be sure to check up on the guarantee/warranty of the new HVAC system before a purchase.

  • How long does the installation take?

Simply purchasing a new HVAC unit isn’t enough; you should be aware of when the company will start and finish the installation. Also make sure any related factors are taken care of, such as leaving the work area clean, consolidating ductwork and flooring, any other compliance work, etc.

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