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Things To Do In Folsom, CA

If you are in Folsom for the day or longer, there are plenty of things to do. From site seeing to activities that you can do as a family, Folsom is a place that is located in the Sacramento Area neighboring other cities like Rocklin, CA and El Dorado Hills. Many local businesses are in the Folsom area that makes up the vibrant community. With over 70,000 local residents, there is an abundance of things to do and fun activities to participate in. There are even annual community events that happen all the time in Folsom.

Fun Activities To Do In Folsom

From indoor activites to outdoor activities, Folsom is the place to offer a variety of options for the casual extended visitor. Take a look at the options you have below and start planning your day one activity at a time!

Lake Folsom

Probably the most popular for outdoor activities, Lake Folsom is open to the public and stretches across the North East of Sacramento. The lake itself is about 18 miles long, so it may not be something you’d want to run around unless you’re looking for a gret exercise. You can participate in camping, fishing, boating, swimming, and refreshing hikes. With over a hundred of positive reviews about Lake Folsom, you can be sure you will have great time and even be able to get some Sacramento sun.

Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary

Open since 1963, the Folsom Zoo is a great place to bring your family for some day time fun. Instead of your traditional zoo, Folsom City Zoo is a sanctuary for animals that receive care and attention. The animals are not traded, sold, or bred which sets the zoo apart from other zoos. The zoo is also supported by Friends Of The Folsom Zoo, which is a non-profit group aimed to provide funding and volunteers. With over 1000 Google Reviews, this is a top attraction destination for many locals and families.

Folsom Historic District

Looking to check things out without having to do too much? If you are feeling like you want to take an easy day, check out the Historic District in Folsom. It is a small strip that is located in downtown Folsom that should take approximately 10 minutes to walk. There are many little shops and restaurants in the historic district that has a unique and older feel. There are also some trails and walkways around the river located next to the historic district. There are many events that go on here such as ice skating, dancing, especially during the holidays.

Bites To Eat In Folsom

After spending a day out in Folsom, you might want to grab some bites to eat at popular eateries. There are plenty of options for you to choose and they are all located on E Bidwell St. You can either decide on one restaurant or pick an area to visit and check on a number of restaurants.

Lazy Dog

Lazy Dog is a highly reviewed franchise that serves comfort foods including stir-frys, pasta, and pot roasts. Lazy Dog is located in southern area of Folsom. They also deliver food if you rather eat indoors!

Sutter Street Steakhouse

If you are looking for more of a fuller meal, check out Sutter Street Steakhouse! Their offerings are steak, lobster, chicken, all the things you’d find in a steakhouse with a juicy ribeye! Highly reviewed as the best steakhouse in Folsom, you can’t miss on this if you are hungry for a meal on the nicer side.


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