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The History Of Rocklin, CA

The history of Rocklin dates back to 1864 and was recognized as a destination among the transcontinental railroad. During the 1850s, miners would come to the area and would sluice, sift, and dredge to remove gold in the streams and rivers. The Secret Ravine, which runs through Rocklin is known for granite and was hauled out by ox carts before the arrival of the transcontinental railroad.

In the past, Rocklin started as a very small town which first served as a granite mining location. Rocklin got its name after its granite quarry and was served as a refueling and water stop. North of Rocklin’s core was Spring Valley Ranch founded by the Whitney family, which is now named after Whitney Highschool located in Rocklin, CA. Whitney’s ranch, which spread across the northeastern of Sacramento was divided and sold off to various development interests during the 1950s and 1960s.

Growth In Rocklin In The 80s

A lot of Rocklin’s growth came in the early 1980s as there was a lot of land that was lower in costs than central Sacramento. This drew in a slew of high technology firms and other industries to the Rocklin region. Even with the growing population, the city was still able to preserve many of the original granite bridges used to cross creeks on the Spring Valley Ranch.

For a tour of the historic locations of Rocklin, check out the text-only tour here.

Rocklin In Today’s Times

Much of its growth to today’s population only happened recently. Currently, Rocklin is home to many of the community and Rocklin local businesses that support the foundation of Rocklin’s integral growth and is still growing at a 3% rate every year! Since 2000, the population has seen a growth of 65%, so there has been a lot of growth since then!

Rocklin serves as a great place to start a family and be a part of the Rocklin community. With advanced education in the school district and one of the top-performing schools in the state of California, Rocklin is an excellent choice for many families that are just starting out. Rocklin has 12 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 2 high schools.

Although the population growth has slowed, the city’s long term model is to achieve sustainability. Their focus is within downtown and Historic Rocklin, which is ripe for redevelopment.

Rocklin has 4 different distinct districts, each with a unique environmental atmosphere and character. These lands are defined by geographical location based on land use, transportation, and natural features.

These unique districts are:

  • The University District
  • Granite District
  • College District
  • Quarry District


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