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Rocklin School Districts For Homeowners With Kids

If you are a homeowner or a soon-to-be-homeowner with kids in Rocklin, CA, you want to know which public schools are available to your children. Rocklin’s school district consists of 12 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 3 high schools. Since there are multiple school options for your children, knowing more about each of the schools and community involvement including Rocklin community events, is fundamentally important. The Rocklin School District is ranked in the top 10% in test scores within California with a 97% graduation rate. In this article, we will cover middle schools and high schools as there are 2 of each school and can play an integral part in your children’s academic, cultural, and community education. For more information about important people born in or currently residing in Rocklin, check out people in Rocklin, CA.

Middle schools in the Rocklin District

Rocklin is home to 2 different middle schools (also known as junior high school) that cover the levels of 7th and 8th-grade education. If you have children in grades 7 and 8, they can either go to Granite Oaks Middle School or Spring View Middle School. Both schools have an Academic Performance Index (API) that is one of the highest in all of California, according to the California Department of Education.

Granite Oaks Middle School

Within Granite Oaks Middle School, there are different academies offered at each grade level. At the 7th grade level, the academies include Key, Legacy, Odyssey, and Rubicon. At the 8th grade level, the academies include Quest, Sierra, Discovery, and Talon. These academies are the foundations of one of the most advanced schools in the Rocklin Unified School Districts.

Overall education consists of two C-STEM (Computer Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), for both grade levels. The academy Rubicon and Discovery have specialized education that includes more technology in the classrooms. There are even accelerated programs in Math and English offered to both levels.

Spring View Middle School

Spring View Middle School consists of 8 academies. For the 7th grade, the academies are named after elite universities such as Princeton, Yale, Cornell, and Harvard (all located on the east coast of the United States). For the 8th grade, the academies are named UCLA, Standford, Berkeley, and USC (all located on the west coast of the United States).

High schools located in Rocklin, CA

There is technically 3 highschool within the Rocklin Unified School District. The two most popular high schools covering grades 9-12 are Rocklin High School and Whitney Highschool. The less popular choice that covers grades 7-12 is the Western Sierra Collegiate Academy which is a charter school.

Rocklin High School

Located in the northeastern suburbs of Sacramento, California, Rocklin High School has over 2,000 students and offers many different types of classes. They have a full choir and band for their students as well as an award-winning engineering program. Students compete annually in the SkillsUSA competitions and have won gold medals at the Regional, State, and even National level.

Whitney High School

Located on the southern side of Placer County in Rocklin, CA, Whitney High School is home to about 2,000 students and stands as Rocklin’s’ newest educational facility opened in 2005. At this high school, students must achieve a grade higher than a “C” in order for any class credits to be earned. If a student’s grade is less than a C, they must retake the class.

Whitney High School boasts 23 clubs 23 sports teams, an award-winning school yearbook, a school newspaper called “The Roar”, and an Emmy award-winning broadcast program known as “Unleashed.”

Whitney High School is a popular choice for many kids and when comparing school systems, the Rocklin Unified School District has a deeply educational and cultural education for your children. Any homeowner looking to grow their children’s early life development and experiences through a rich and thorough schooling system, Rocklin, CA is a great place to start!

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