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Things To Do In Rocklin, CA

If you live in Rocklin, CA or are just visiting for the day, there are plenty of fun things to do. Gather your friends and family for activities and events all over the Rocklin area. You can be sure to have some fun or relax in the Sacramento weather (it gets hot here in the summer). You can plan a whole day of activities ranging from entertainment, day trips, and great eateries that Rocklin has to offer.

Popular Activities in Rocklin

Here in Rocklin, CA, you can spend the day walking, hiking, and sightseeing. These activities generally require some movement so if you are handicapped or have trouble moving, please be advised. These activities are great if you enjoy walking and relaxing for the day. Here are some places you can go to:

Quarry Park

Quarry Park is literally a quarry located in the heart of Rocklin. This pit is filled with activities hosted by Quarry Park Adventures. Here is a list of all the fun activities you and your family can participate in:

  • Rock Climbing
  • Rappel
  • Paddle Boats
  • Free Fall
  • Rope Adventures
  • Zip Lining

Sierra College Natural History Museum

If you feel like something more relaxing and less taxing on your body, check out the natural history museum in Rocklin, CA! Here you will get to see all sorts of historical artifacts, bone remains, and minerals. Great to bring little kids and the whole family. Please contact Rachael Greve, the museum director for more information.

Great Places For A Bite In Rocklin

After spending a day out in Rocklin, you might want to grab some food nearby. Rocklin is the home of the famous smokehouse BBQ and tons of other diverse food options. All the popular food options are at the heart of Rocklin, so you won’t be needing to travel very far to get to them.

Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que

With over a thousand reviews and dozens of pictures of mouth-watering warm bites, Lucille’s stands at the top of all the restaurants to try out in Rocklin, CA. This BBQ joint is especially known for its tri-tip and bottomless biscuits. Yes, that’s right, all you can eat biscuits with bottomless biscuits!

Entertainment In Rocklin

If you are looking for some entertainment options in Rocklin, they are all nearby. From movies to arcades, Rocklin has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment. Here are two places you can spend your time during the evening:

Xtreme Craze

A great place to take your kids to, this arcade has laser tag, virtual reality simulations, video game, and a cafe to re-energize! Great for parties and family get together. Get more information at the Xtreme Crazy website here.

Studio Movie Grill

Catch a movie at the Studio Movie Grill, located off of Highway 80 and Granite Drive. This movie is modern with many amenities including:

  • Seat-Side Service
  • Lobby Bar
  • Reserved Seating
  • In-Theater Dining
  • Digital Cinema Technology


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