Humidity Control Systems for Balancing Your Home's Air

Air Quality is Vital to Your Health and Comfort

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You can feel when the humidity in your home is high, especially if you're sweating indoors or feeling sticky and constantly having to turn the AC down.

Controlling home humidity levels is essential to maintaining the air quality inside your home.

Moisture affects air quality by causing an influx of mold spores, dust mites, and other allergens—in addition to increased levels of harmful chemicals—in your home’s air. 


Air conditioning and ventilation systems help maintain home temperature and humidity levels but often need the help of humidity control systems in excessively dry or humid regions.

A humidity control system:

  • Creates a more comfortable home environment

  • Reduces allergy symptoms

  • Improves asthma symptoms

  • Reduces airborne pathogens

  • Protects wood flooring, cabinetry, and furniture


The EPA recommends keeping indoor air humidity below 60% to reduce the chance of mold growth. The ideal home humidity is between 30 and 50%.

There are two types of whole-home systems that control indoor air humidity: 

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