Northern California Home Insulation Services

Home Insulation Solutions That Keep Your Home Energy Efficient Year-Round

By decreasing heat flow, insulation allows your air conditioning and heating system to work more effectively. Adding and improving insulating materials can save a lot of energy.

Heat loss, poor insulation, and leaky ducts can waste up to 40% of the energy in an average home. In Northern California, where temperatures vary throughout the year, this can cause issues every season. 

Therefore, your entire HVAC system can become inefficient and strained; more frequent repairs and premature replacements can cost you even more.

Home insulation can improve comfort for your family and increase the efficiency and lifespan of your HVAC equipment. 

Our home insulation services will help:

  • Your Heating and Cooling System Works More Effectively

  • Keep Your Northern California Home Comfortable Year Round

  • Save You Up to 50% on Energy Costs

Insulate Your Home with Comfort Cloud™ Insulation

Our Comfort Cloud™ Home Insulation is a Cut Above the Rest

Service Champions can provide blown-in or radiant barrier insulation. 

If you’re looking for home insulation services near you, we can provide a solution that maximizes both comfort and energy savings. The features that Sacramento, San Jose, Walnut Creek, and other customers can benefit from include:

  • Attic-access comfort barrier: Contains warm and cold air and prevents insulation from dropping into the living space.

  • Protective circulation tunnel: Also contains conditioned air to maximize comfort and efficiency.

  • Fire barrier: Installed in the attic around non-IC recessed lighting for added protection.

By keeping warm or cold air in your home for longer, our home insulation solution reduces demand on your HVAC system. It also decreases the amount of time needed for it to run. The result is lower utility bills and improved comfort throughout every season.

Schedule a free consultation and our professionals will recommend the most ideal solutions for your home.

Service Champions Will Help You Pick the Best Home Insulation Option

Northern California Homeowners Can Choose from Highly Effective Insulation Solutions

Insulation is usually placed in the attic and walls. But Service Champions provides a more effective solution—under-house insulation. It can improve comfort. Another perk is that your floors will be warmer!

But we also offer two standard insulation options that can benefit your home. These are:

  • Fibercloud

    Provides superior comfort and protection for ceiling installations, while helping to absorb sound.

  • Under House Insulation

    When most people think of insulation, they think of the attic and walls. But homeowners should also consider under house insulation. It can add comfort to your home and keep your floors warmer.

    Service Champions can install the right solution for your home.

  • Silvershield

    In hotter climates, SILVERSHIELD ensures your comfort by deflecting radiation from the sun and preventing it from reaching surfaces inside your attic that leads to greater heat within the attic and the entire house.

    There’s a risk-free way to find out what insulation options will work best for your home – reach out to Service Champions for a free home insulation consultation.

Importance of Adequate Home Insulation

The statistics are quite staggering:

We know how important insulation is. But studies by the California Energy Commission found one-third of new homes have insulation that does not meet recommended specifications. Another one-fifth of them have poorly installed insulation. This reduces effectiveness no matter the quality or efficiency of the material.

Multiple installation defects were found in nearly all the properties studied. 

Therefore, insulation issues persist, as heat and air can pass around or through poorly installed material.

What You Need to Know About Insulation

There are solutions to these problems and that can lower your energy bills, but not all heating and air conditioning companies are equipped to help you.

Insulation is a “Bad Word”

“Insulation” is like a bad word in our business, as most HVAC contractors never mention it when installing HVAC systems because:

  • It is messy

  • It is labor-intensive

  • It requires a significant capital investment to operate the necessary trucks, machines, and equipment, and train technicians

  • It is not a core service for most HVAC contractors, who may not be aware of its true value and impact on home comfort and energy savings

Our Solutions Can Save You Up to 50% on Energy Costs

Service Champions has the solutions that work, and the trained experts to install your insulation the right way.

Why not get a risk-free consultation on your home insulation needs?

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