Expert Whole-Home Surge Protection Solutions

Harmful surges endanger your home!

There's a better way to protect your whole home from dangerous surges. Service Champions offers cost-effective and safety-first surge protection services. When we are done installing surge protection right into your electrical panel, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Preventative measures are the most important protection.


What causes electrical power surges?

There are a number of ways that surges occur. One of the most common is when lightning strikes near a power line causing a drastic voltage spike that results in a power surge leading to the potential damage of electrical components. There is also the more routine and damaging daily surges caused by large home appliances cycling (turning on and off). Although the voltage spikes inside the electrical current may not be apparent to the naked eye, it may lead to the deterioration of your electrical equipment over time. Other reasons include downed or cut power lines, faulty wiring, construction work, etc.

With the expanded use of complex electronics that use significant amount of energy, having a special surge protection system becomes a necessity. Service Champions' skilled electricians can ensure that your home is completely protected!

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