Whole-Home Backup Generators

Backup generators to protect your property

Always have a backup! Service Champions offers a wide selection of residential backup generators to protect your property when you need it the most. When hit with a power outage, get back to life more quickly by calling the trained and certified electricians from Service Champions.

Why invest in a whole-home backup generator?

A backup generator is not a bonus, it's a necessity. With an emergency backup generator, you can rest assured knowing that you can continue living comfortably through any power outage. Here are some of the reasons why you need a backup generator:

Keep your important appliances running

Having a backup generator allows you to keep your most important and necessary appliances running in your home, like the refrigerator and essential medical equipment.

Prevent food from spoiling

Keep your stocked refrigerator and freezer running when the power goes out, preventing you from wasting money and losing meals for the family.

Keep your family connected

The duration of most power outages are unpredictable. The longer the outage lasts the less comfortable your family becomes, losing necessary amenities like the internet. A backup generator means your home stays connected through any outages that come your way.

Protect your home

Don't get left in the dark. With a backup generator, you can rest assured that your security system is still functioning and your interior and exterior lighting will stay on allowing you to keep a close eye on your home.

Peace of mind

Don't end up feeling helpless when the power goes out. Being prepared for the unexpected is a great way to ensure that your household can continue normally in the event of an emergency. Service Champions backup generators will give you that peace of mind.

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