6 Signs You've Found the Right Davis HVAC Services Company

July 17, 2023

You need the right HVAC company for high-quality installation, urgent repairs, or regular maintenance. Consumers have lots of concerns when searching for a good contractor. But finding a reputable business isn’t difficult when you know what to look for. It just takes more than a simple guess or picking the first name on a results page. We’ll show you six signs you’ve found a trustworthy Davis HVAC services company.

1. The Company Is Properly Licensed and Insured

Any HVAC company operating in California must be licensed by the state. It must also have an EPA license and its contractors should be NATE-certified. Before signing a contract, ask for proof of insurance, whether you need them for air conditioning, furnace, air duct, or heat pump services. Also, ask about technicians’ training and experience. They should be familiar with the latest diagnostic tools and understand how to calculate HVAC loads.

2. Online Reviews Are Mostly Positive

There are many review sites, but start with Google, Yelp, and Facebook, where you’ll likely find plenty of reviews on any company. There will almost always be a bad review here and there, so spend a little time reading through them. What are people saying about the company’s quality of service and are there any patterns? If you see multiple reviews noting the same issue, such as lateness or a lack of communication, that’s something to consider. And look into the services and problems discussed, so you know if the company can address specific needs with a system similar to yours.

3. Someone Recommends Them to You Directly

If a friend, neighbor, or family member speaks highly of a Davis HVAC services company, it’s likely to do right by you as well. Don’t only go by the word of a stranger. Someone you know is likely to provide an honest assessment, whether they had a positive experience or advise against choosing a certain contractor. 

Referrals are useful too. Ask a company to speak with a past client and check Better Business Bureau ratings. But if the review, recommendation, or rating was from more than two years ago, continue researching; companies often improve over time amidst customer feedback and complaints.

4. The Business Has Many High-Profile Affiliations

Look for companies associated with major HVAC manufacturers. A manufacturer is more likely to sign an agreement with a trustworthy company. It wouldn’t want an untrustworthy dealer’s name on its logo or trucks. There are standards for maintaining partnerships. If a company performs poorly, the manufacturer will likely drop them. Reputable HVAC contractors are also often affiliated with national associations that also expect their members to maintain high standards of excellence.

5. The Company Is Upfront About Pricing

The contractor should provide an honest, itemized quote without hidden fees. Any estimate should be presented in writing. Don’t just take the technician’s word for it. You could end up paying much more in the end. And while you’re probably looking to save money, don’t settle for the lowest bid. There’s a chance they may be hiring less experienced technicians, using equipment of lesser quality, or otherwise cutting corners.

6. The Contractor Provides Opportunities to Save

Low costs and HVAC services are almost never mentioned at the same time. But that doesn’t mean the company won’t try to make its services more affordable. Look for a business with a partnership with a popular brand. Sale offers might come up or the company may include rebates and other incentives that lower the overall price of an HVAC system. Federal and state tax credits for installing energy-efficient equipment may be available if you qualify.

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