7 Common Mistakes Made During Heater Installation

December 21, 2022

One mistake when you install a heating system can have serious, long-term consequences. Your investment requires a good deal of time and effort. With chilly air already impacting Northern California, you don’t want a furnace or heat pump to leave your home cold, increase your energy bill, or break down frequently. Here are heater installation mistakes to avoid, so your new heating system runs reliably, operates at peak efficiency, and lasts longer.

1. Not Properly Sizing the Heater

If a furnace or heat pump isn’t the right size for your home, it will be strained. Your home will never be warm enough if the unit is too small. Installing a larger heater than you need won’t cool things down faster. Instead, it will turn on and off too frequently, wasting energy and accelerating wear. Installers must consider the square footage of a home and other factors when determining heater size and capacity.

2. Ignoring Safety Guidelines

All furnaces can have safety issues if improperly installed. Gas-powered units pose the greatest concern. If the connection to your gas lines isn’t properly secured, a gas leak can develop. You’ll also be at risk of carbon monoxide exposure. But an electrical heating system can be a fire hazard if there are installation issues, so always hire a professional installer to avoid mistakes that can put you in danger.

3. Failing to Properly Connect Ductwork

If the connection to your ductwork isn’t tight, gaps can reduce air pressure, leading to dust contamination in the heater cabinet and ducts. The unit won’t reach peak performance either. A contractor should install a heating system with careful attention to airflow. They should also inspect your ductwork for issues such as cracks and leaks, and seal ducts as necessary to ensure there are no air loss or efficiency issues.

4. Not Installing a Well-Planned Drainage System

Inexperienced heater installers often don’t know the importance of proper drainage. Heating systems generate a fair amount of moisture. Without good drainage, flooding can occur or indoor humidity levels can increase. Pipes can back up or mold growth can become a problem as well. Therefore, make sure the HVAC contractor includes a drainage system with heater installation.

5. Misplacement of the Thermostat

The fact that a thermostat controls a heating system is well-known. What many don’t realize is how influential the location of the thermostat is on heater performance. A thermostat should never be placed in a sunlit area, near air vents, or close to heat-producing appliances. It must be in a centralized location to get accurate temperature readings. Therefore, the system can turn the furnace on and off as needed and maintain comfortable temperatures in living areas.

6. Misplacement of Air Vents

Place air vents where they won’t be blocked by furniture, drapes, or decor. If in the wrong areas, they won’t provide adequate air circulation. Spread vents evenly throughout your home and in each room, where they won’t be covered or get in the way. A contractor should evaluate the use and function of your home before creating a design plan for vents.

7. Not Considering Condenser Placement

The condenser should be placed in a location where airflow won’t be blocked and debris won’t affect it (clearance should be 2 to 2.5 feet on each side). If it’s in the wrong location and not cleaned regularly, it may be overworked. You want the condenser unit to work less so your system is more efficient. This can increase the lifespan of your heating system as well.

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