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7 Effortless Ways to Save Energy This Spring

March 9th, 2018

Spring is a time of rebirth, growth, and warmth. It is associated with a sense of being refreshed after the long winter — whether that be in visuals of bears heading out of hibernation or engaging in the seasonal home spruce-up dubbed Spring Cleaning.

With each new season comes the chance to reassess your home energy system. How much energy are you using? How much would you like to save on your energy bills in the months to come? What can I do as a homeowner to be more economical and energy-efficient when it comes to my air conditioner?

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to saving money and energy this spring, we’ve got 7 energy-saving solutions that save maximum energy with minimum effort.

7 Effortless Ways to Save Energy This Spring

7 Effortless Ways to Save Energy This Spring

Source: U.S. Dept. of Energy

1. Reprogram your thermostat

As the weather shifts, your thermostat settings should shift with it. If you are looking to save money on energy costs this summer, consider keeping your thermostat at or above 78-degrees. You can set your thermostat in the 80s and still be very comfortable on hot days. The savings on your energy bill will be well-worth it. The lower the temperature setting, the more you pay. When you leave, set the thermostat around 88 as to not run the unit for an empty home. Or… get a smart thermostat and forget about the bother of scheduling your thermostat.

2. Ventilation is key

People put a lot of attention on the heating and air conditioning aspect of the acronym HVAC, but not much focus goes to ventilation. Ventilation is extremely important to your health, safety, and comfort. It improves your home’s indoor air quality and will save you money on your energy bill. Take advantage of spring’s mild weather! Throw open the windows and use the warm days to create a cross breeze through your home — the space will stay cool and the air will get refreshed.

3. Use ceiling fans

Another cooling alternative is to use ceiling fans in tandem with your air conditioning. In fact, when you run the ceiling fans in your home, you can raise your thermostat by about four degrees and maintain the same level of comfort.

4. Seal your ducts

If there is any air loss occurring through your air ducts, your electricity costs will be higher than they need to be. Ensure that your ducts are properly sealed and insulated. A professional can assess the condition of your air ducts easily during routine HVAC maintenance. Keep your ducts sealed for savings!

5. Adjust the water heater

To milk the most savings out of your water heater, adjust the thermostat to 120 degrees. This will cut down on energy costs without sacrificing health or the comfort of a hot shower. In fact, if you have young ones in the house, the temperature shouldn’t get any higher than this to avoid scalding. Consider investing in a tankless water heater when replacing your water heater.

6. Upgrade your appliances

If your appliances are outdated, the best way for you to increase energy savings may be to upgrade. The most efficient appliances get the Energy Star Label. Older models can use up to 50% more home energy than modern equipment. New appliances will be an upfront investment, but are more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly over time. For instance, replacing an aging air conditioner with a brand new one can save you hundreds of dollars in energy savings a year. Ask a Champion for more information on the best models for your money.

7. Schedule an air conditioning tune-up

It’s time to call in a professional to help you check off that Spring Cleaning To-Do List. An HVAC tune-up gives your system the maintenance, inspection, and cleaning it needs to perform at its most efficient. When summer hits, HVAC companies are busier than ever. People need their air conditioners for comfort and for health. Don’t get stuck without a properly performing unit. Spring tune-ups give your air conditioner the attention it needs to stay happy all summer long.

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