7 Ways to Help Cure Your Winter Alligator Skin

Winter means a lot of things – warmer clothes, shorter days, colder weather and, to many, ridiculously dry alligator skin.

You see, when you heat your home’s air, the relative humidity drops because warm air can hold more moisture. This causes the drier air to pull moisture from your skin, causing dry, scaly alligator-like texture on your hands and skin.

But there are a few simple things you can do to help alleviate and cure this uncomfortable effect. Here are our top 7 picks.

  1. Drink more water
    An easy way to get rid of your alligator skin is to literally add more moisture to your body by drinking water.
  2. Stop the steaming hot showers
    Hot water washes away natural skin oils more quickly. So even though it might feel good, those hot showers are one of the causes of your dry skin.
  3. Use the right soap
    Many soaps can actually cause or aggravate dry skin. According to Linda Stein Gold, MD on WebMD, use a soap that is mild, fragrance-free and formulated especially for dry skin.
  4. Ditch that scratchy mesh sponge (maybe)
    The debate rages on – washcloth vs. mesh shower sponge vs. loofah. Some say loofahs and sponges help exfoliate, while other say the scratchy nature can actually make dry skin worse.
  5. Don’t completely dry off after a shower
    Instead of using your towel to get completely dry, the Mayo Clinic recommends only patting dry. Let the moisture soak into your skin.
  6. Moisturize at the right time
    The Mayo Clinic and Dr. Gold both also recommend using a moisturizer right after a shower. This will help lock in moisture. Use this guide to decide what moisturizer is right for your skin type.
  7. Try a humidifier
    One of the top recommendations for dry, winter, alligator skin is a humidifier. Humidifiers help keep the right level of moisture in your home and keep your skin from drying out to begin with.

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