8 Signs That Your Furnace May Need A Tune-Up

Northern California Homeowners Can Prevent Furnace Problems With Maintenance

There’s nothing worse than looking forward to a warm cozy home when it’s cold outside, only to have your furnace stop working at the exact wrong time.

One of the best ways to prevent that from happening is to get a furnace tune-up on an annual basis. Having regular maintenance performed can save you money by avoiding costly repairs or having to replace your furnace too soon.

If it has been a while since your last furnace tune-up, here are 8 signs that scheduling one is a smart move.

Sign #1: Reduction In The Level Of Comfort In The Home

This is the #1 sign your heating system needs a tune-up: your home is not as comfortable as it should be. If you’re unable to reach a level of comfort in your home despite often changing the settings on your thermostat, your heating system needs a look from a professional.

These effects may not be noticeable in all rooms. You may find that one room is heating up comfortably while another remains cold. An expert technician can diagnose the problem and prevent it from becoming more widespread.

Sign #2: Change In Air Quality

Is the air in your home dry? Have you noticed excessive levels of dust settling on surfaces within your home even after you’ve cleaned them?

A change in air quality is often a sign that your heating system is dirty and in need of a tune-up or repair.

The buildup of dust and other contaminants in the HVAC system can also result in the production of unpleasant odors in the home. Blockages and cracks in vents can also result in musty or stale air.

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Sign #3: Unusual Noises From System

Do you hear unusual sounds coming from your HVAC system? Those sounds aren’t coming from nowhere, and they are often an early warning sign of future problems.

While some noises are normal, listen especially for dripping, hissing, grinding, groans, or hums. Those noises mean you should call a Northern California furnace company for a tune-up or repair.

Sign # 4: Increase In Utility Bills

Even if you don’t notice any specific problems with your furnace or the level of comfort in your home, there can be other signs that your furnace needs a tune-up.

One of the most common is rising energy bills that seems to have no explanation. Your furnace may still be heating up your home, but it could be working harder to do so.

Sign #5: Yellow Pilot Light

HVAC systems are often installed with signals to warn you of a problem. If the yellow pilot light on your furnace is on or flashing, then there is a problem and you need furnace tune-up or repair as soon as possible.

You can schedule a furnace tune-up – it’s fast and easy. Go to our Schedule a Tune-Up page for more information.

Sign #6: Development Of Or Worsening Of Allergies Or Asthma

Worsening of allergies or asthma is often a sign of poor air quality. This may be indicative of a problem with your heating system.

A furnace tune-up will clean your system and spot other problems that can affect the air quality in your home.

Sign #7: Reduced Levels Of Heating

If you’re noticing that the air coming out of your vents is less warm, contact a qualified Northern California HVAC company immediately before the problem leads to a complete breakdown.

Sign #8: Reduction In The Flow Of Air

Your heater may be generating the ideal temperature, but you might notice that the warm air isn’t spreading throughout the room. This is often an indication of a problem with air flow in the system. It may result in overheating of the system, which could shut down the entire system.

Here’s the bottom line: if you see any of these 8 signs, call for a furnace tune-up or repair to prevent your utility bills from increasing even more.

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