Benefits of Scheduling Your AC Tune-Up Early

February 28, 2023

Industry professionals recommend having an air conditioner tune-up every spring. But did you know there are advantages to scheduling a tune-up early? No time is too soon. The first hint of warmth may not arrive for weeks. However, here’s why you should think about booking an AC tune-up with your local HVAC company now.

Get a Headstart on Resolving Any Issues

Your AC has probably been collecting dust and dirt all winter. Snow and ice can do a number on the unit. It doesn’t hurt to have a technician check the system out. A thorough cleaning will avoid dealing with buildup when you start it the first time. If pests have invaded, the issue can be resolved and odors can be avoided. The system will be ready once you need it.

Avoid More Serious Problems Later

Regardless of when you get an AC tune-up, finding and fixing problems early avoids dealing with major component failures later. The longer you wait, the more issues can escalate. Getting your system serviced when the weather is comfortable means it’ll be reliable once it gets hot. Even if it’s nearing time for a new AC, you can consider your options and determine what type of system to purchase.

More Cash In Your Pocket

Regular maintenance has been proven to help AC systems last longer. In addition to avoiding the costs of replacing your HVAC system prematurely, an early tune-up can improve system efficiency. Therefore, it’ll cost less to keep your home cool. And, with fewer repairs, you can potentially save thousands over the life of the system.

An HVAC Company’s Schedule Is Often More Flexible in the Spring

As winter begins to wind down, heating contractors are less busy making emergency calls. It’s therefore easier to schedule an AC tune-up; you can often book one within your busy schedule. A technician will have time to inspect the air conditioner and perform any minor repairs it might need.

Safety Issues Will Be Resolved

If you haven’t had an HVAC tune-up in a while, an inspection can uncover safety issues to fix. Wear and tear can create hazards including air quality issues related to dust and waste from pests, as well as issues with electrical components. An electrical malfunction in your AC can lead to power surges, outages, or a system breakdown. In a severe case, an electrical fire can occur. A tune-up lets a contractor fix hidden issues to eliminate these hazards.

An AC Tune-Up Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

A tune-up may be in order if the air in your home feels sticky. If it’s more humid than usual, a filter may need to be replaced or debris may have accumulated in the system. A tune-up can lead to better humidity control and reduce the number of particles circulating in the air. This ensures your heating and cooling system doesn’t contribute to odors or allergies now or later.

Schedule Your AC Tune-Up with Service Champions

At Service Champions, we provide year-round AC maintenance in Northern California that can increase system performance, efficiency, and safety. During a tune-up, we replace air filters, clean components, lubricate moving parts, and check for possible issues to fix. Join our Maintenance Value Plan to receive automatic reminders to schedule your AC tune-up, priority service, and savings and discounts. To schedule your 21-point “WOW!” Air Conditioner Tune-Up, call 833-600-0991 today.