Beware! Or you might lose money on your HVAC

Not all stories have good endings, but it depends on where you stop reading! We encourage you to read to the end of this article. Whether the weather is getting warm or it is freezing, all of us are dependent on a heating and cooling system. But what is the correct HVAC system for you? If you already own one, how do make sure it lasts you from one season to another. Do not fall into these most common traps and your story might have a different ending after all.

1. The bigger, the better!
Will you buy clothes that are 2 sizes too big? No! They need to be the right fit. Apply the same logic here; the HVAC system you install needs to be consistent with the size of your property. The bigger units will heat or cool quickly, thereby shutting on and off fairly repeatedly, making room for various issues.

  • A unit should not cycle on and off too much, it leads to more repairs cost
  • Electricity consumption will increase, causing higher electricity bills.
  • Bigger units are expensive, not only to buy but also to install

To make the right decision on what size unit to install, ask the technician what calculation was used to arrive at the load required for your property.

2. Change is the only constant!
That really only works in philosophy! You call over a technician for AC repair or furnace repair and he points out to a part and goes ‘Take a look at that, it definitely need replacing.’ Please think seriously about replacing it. Whenever a technician or an expert says that something needs replacing, accept that you may not know everything about your unit. But that does not mean you cannot look for a second opinion.

That said, just because a technician says that you need a part changed, might not always be the case. Ask your questions and do your research and understand why the changing of the part is important.

3. Free! Free! Free!
Everyone knows nothing in life is ever free. You may get a dozen calls a day when the weather has just started warming up or cooling down about the exciting free AC service or Furnace service. Just think of the last time you bought something for free or got it on a discounted price and you were fully and completely satisfied. If the answer is never then do not fall in the trap of free or discounted inspections. Most HVAC companies have websites which will give you a quote, compare quotes and competitive pricing. Read the reviews and surveys, and check for certification. Determine your needs and choose a company that suits your requirements.

4. Recharge it now!
Your AC unit is not your mobile. It does not need recharging. Beware of the technician who says your refrigerant needs recharging. If your AC unit is low on refrigerant, the most likely cause is leakage. The leakage needs to be fixed and you need to be billed accordingly.
At the time of installation, the refrigerant needs to be weighed before and after it is poured. Pay close attention to how much was input and pay accordingly. Similarly, at the time of leakage fix, take a close look at the before and after weight of the refrigerant tank.

5. Don’t you trust me!
The most common trap of all! Wherever you go, whatever you buy, you need to insist on a bill and/or a written agreement. The same goes for AC and Furnace maintaining and repair. If a HVAC technician says that you need to replace part ‘A’ and will service part ‘B’ and wants you to pay upfront, it is a red flag. Before you place your trust in a technician, get the services provided in writing. It is very simple; if they are not going to break your trust, they will give you honest instructions and answers. But, if there are hidden fees and costs an agreement becomes complicated, beware of overcharging and overpricing of parts. Always ask for an agreement. When in doubt, take a second opinion, ask around and search for viable options for you.

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