Why You Should Call A Professional To Install Your Thermostat

How long has that same thermostat on the wall of your home stared out at you?

  • “It was here when I moved in.”
  • “I think it was here when I moved in.”
  • “Uhm, I don’t know. A long time, I guess. Does it really matter?”

If your answer is a variant of those above, then you need to consider scheduling installation of a new thermostat. Because it does matter: the connection to your HVAC system is crucial to make sure you get the most effective and efficient work from it.

Here are three reasons you should call a professional for your thermostat installation.

  1. Your current thermostat is a manual model
    Manual thermostats with dials and sliders were fine for many decades when they were the only option for controlling your central heater and air conditioner. But digital models have brought a new level of precision to temperature control that manual models cannot match. You can expect a manual thermostat to be off by 2°–5°F most of the time, and that means reduced comfort for you, as well as a less energy-efficient HVAC system. If you still have an old manual model… it’s time to an upgrade to a digital one.
  2. Your current thermostat is not programmable
    Make sure that you upgrade to a digital programmable model, because a digital model that doesn’t have programmable features is also out of date and costing you in energy efficiency. Thanks to programming—even the most basic with only a daytime and nighttime on-off setting—you can control your cooling and heating even when you’re away from home. You can come back from work every day to a comfortable house without needing to leave the HVAC system running all day. If your digital thermostat is more than 10 years old, it’s time for a change to a programmable one.
  3. Your current thermostat is in the wrong location
    What does “wrong location” mean when it comes to a thermostat? It’s any location in your home where the thermostat will pick up readings that do not match the house’s actual general temperature. These are called “ghost readings,” and they can happen because the thermostat is in a spot that receives too much direct sunlight, is near to drafts, or is too far from the center of the house. Ghost readings will make the thermostat turn your heating and cooling on and off at inappropriate times, leading to an uncomfortable environment and immense energy waste. A HVAC repair technician who thinks that your issues with adequate heating and cooling originate from a poorly located thermostat will advise you to install a new one.

We offer new technology like wireless thermostats as well so you can get the most from your home’s heating and cooling.

Contact Service Champions today for professional thermostat service and installation.

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