Do I Need a Professional for Air Conditioning Installation?

April 6, 2023

Even if you love to take on home improvement projects, installing an HVAC unit should be handled by a professional. The process isn’t as simple as many people believe. Attempting to install an AC unit yourself won’t save money. It can end up costing you more. We’ll explain more about why you need a professional to perform air conditioning installation in your home.

Installing an AC Requires Advanced Technical Knowledge

AC installation is more than about placing and connecting a unit. If it were that simple, we’d all be installing air conditioners ourselves. But the process requires knowledge and expertise. First, you need someone who knows the calculations to use when sizing a system. The square footage of your home is one but not the only factor to consider. An AC must have the right capacity to provide adequate cooling and run efficiently.

Installing an air conditioner also requires working with electrical wiring and other components. An AC is usually wired to a dedicated circuit that’s run to the main breaker panel. You’ll also need an AC disconnect box. The various connections to the system must be secure and contain the correct type and size of wiring. There’s little room for error when it comes to your AC and electrical system.

A Professional Ensures Your HVAC System Will Run Properly

Any AC installation job should involve inspecting and balancing ductwork. Perhaps you’ll need a duct system installed from scratch. A professional knows the types of ducts, materials, and ductwork components needed. Errors here can lead to poor energy efficiency due to improperly sized ducts, air leaks, and airflow issues. They’ll also run a test when installation is complete to measure the temperature differential; this ensures the unit provides the expected cooling performance. 

Installing Ductwork Is Complicated

Once all the calculations are completed and equipment selected, installation is a whole different ball game. Air ducts are often hidden deep within ceilings and walls. Floors and ceilings may need to be torn apart unless you’re building a home from scratch. Hiring a professional will save you time and stress and may save money because you avoid spending on attempting a DIY installation.

Your Safety Is at Stake

A lot of things can go wrong by attempting to install an air conditioner yourself. Aside from equipment damage, you could sustain an electric shock if you forget to turn off the main power or aren’t properly grounded. Other potential hazards include gas leaks, dropping heavy equipment, and exposure to toxic refrigerants.

Code Requirements Must Be Met

There are lots of rules regarding AC removal, disposal, and installation. Ripping out an old unit and throwing it in a dumpster is a violation. A technician is familiar with the proper methods of disposing of an old air conditioner. They are also trained to properly and safely drain and discard old coolant. For these reasons, air conditioning installation requires a permit. Obtaining a permit ensures specific codes are met.

There Are Several Financial Advantages

The installation process often involves an upfront quoted price. In addition to avoiding costly mistakes, hiring a professional ensures all components are replaced together, which avoids compatibility and efficiency issues. The contractor may offer a financing program, extended warranty, and maintenance plan that can cover annual inspections, tune-ups, and minor repairs. 

Also, a manufacturer warranty usually requires a professional to install and service the unit. Any work by an unskilled individual can void the warranty.

Hire Service Champions for Air Conditioning Installation

Our technicians are extensively trained in all aspects of AC installation. We install reliable and effective equipment and the latest, high-efficiency systems with features like variable speed airflow and remote smartphone control. All new systems installed are covered by industry-leading guarantees. You can also choose from our convenient financing options. To learn more, call 833-600-0991 or schedule your visit online.

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