Do I Need Emergency AC Repair in San Jose?

May 5, 2023

It’s not always an emergency if your AC isn’t working like it normally does. Changing a filter is a simple way to boost airflow and cooling performance. Higher energy costs can prompt you to explore more efficient replacements. On an especially hot day, the unit may struggle to keep your home as cool. These aren’t reasons to call an emergency HVAC contractor. But here are a few reasons to request emergency AC repair in San Jose, as your comfort and safety may be at risk.

Your Air Conditioner Stops Working

If changing the temperature on the thermostat, switching the unit on, or resetting a tripped circuit breaker doesn’t get your AC running, call for help. So long as your unit is receiving power and set to provide cool air, there should be no problems. The summer heat can become dangerous if the air conditioner doesn’t run; your home can quickly become hot, stuffy, and humid.

Water Is Leaking from the AC

Air conditioners drain condensation that forms during the cooling process. Water may drip outside in small amounts. But if there’s a puddle under the AC unit, the drain pan may be broken or the condensate drain line may be clogged. The situation is an emergency because a flood can damage your air conditioner and your home, leading to costly repairs. Therefore, don’t hesitate to call for emergency AC repair in San Jose when you see a leak.

The Evaporator Coil Ices Up

It is not normal for ice to form on the evaporator coil. Ice can seriously damage the coil. It can form when the system can’t exchange heat effectively, which may be caused by dirt, a blockage, or low refrigerant. The ice can leak and cause water damage. For many reasons, you want a professional to inspect and repair the system.

Symptoms of an Electrical Problem

Your air conditioner has numerous electrical components and connections. If there’s a burning smell coming from your AC, a capacitor may be failing or the blower motor or bearing may be wearing out. The AC should not constantly trip a breaker or cause the lights to dim when you turn it on. You’ll need a technician familiar with AC service and electrical repair. Waiting to call for help can lead to a complete power failure, more costly electrical damage, or a fire.

The AC Is Making Loud Noises

Call an HVAC technician if your AC is making the following sounds:

  • Banging: Indicates a problem inside the compressor. 

  • Rattling: A loose part in the compressor or other part of the unit.

  • Screeching/Shrieking: The blower motor is likely damaged.

  • Buzzing: Fan blades may be loose or unbalanced, the fan motor may be faulty, or a refrigerant line may be obstructed.

  • Humming: A defective contactor relay switch can cause humming, and your AC won’t be able to turn on.

  • Continuous Clicking: The thermostat may be malfunctioning.

  • Hissing/Bubbling: A hissing sound is a sign of a severe air duct leak or malfunctioning expansion valve. Bubbling can be caused by a damaged drainage pipe or a refrigerant leak.

Only Warm Air Is Blowing

If you only get warm air from the vents, and the fan is still blowing, there could be a blockage in your HVAC system. It’s also a sign that the compressor is damaged or has failed. Have a professional check all the major parts of your AC, including the thermostat and ductwork.

The AC Emits Foul Odors

Call for emergency AC repair in San Jose if it releases odors that smell sweet or like car fumes; it’s likely leaking refrigerant. A rotten smell can mean a dead rodent, bird, or other critter is stuck inside the unit. If there’s a musty smell, mold may be forming inside the system, particularly in the drain pan or drip lines. And if there’s a burning odor, the compressor, fan, circuit board, or internal wiring may be shorting out. All of these are reasons to call for emergency help.

Your Home Is Extremely Humid

Air conditioners are designed to remove humidity from your home. Indoor relative humidity should be from 30% to 50%. If it goes any higher, the air will feel stuffy, and it can get quite uncomfortable. The extra moisture can also allow mold to grow.

Call Service Champions for Emergency AC Repair in San Jose

We are open seven days a week to address AC emergencies. During the warmer months, our Northern California customers rely on us to deal with urgent issues like those mentioned above. Our trained technicians can quickly diagnose an issue, find a cost-effective solution, and get your AC working again. We also provide maintenance services to help prevent future problems and repairs. To request emergency AC repair in San Jose, call Service Champions at 833-600-0991 today.

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