Do I Need EV Charger Repair?

June 19, 2023

Electric vehicle chargers are reliable and durable. You’re not likely to break one by using it correctly. But over time, an EV charger may require repairs (nonetheless, it can last 10+ years with professional service and maintenance). If securing the cable, turning off the delay timer, or adjusting app settings doesn’t help, call your local home services company for EV charger repair.

Service Champions provides residential EV charger installation in and around San Jose and Sacramento. Our professionals are also trained in all aspects of EV charger repair and can fix any brand or model, including a Tesla home charger. We’re committed to helping customers understand their home charging systems, especially when it comes to knowing when to call for repairs. 

When to Call for EV Charger Repair

Contact us wherever there are signs of an EV charger issue, such as:

  • The Fan Stops Running: An EV charger generates a lot of heat while operating. It has a fan to help dissipate this heat and provide ventilation. If the fan short circuits or breaks, the unit can overheat, causing extensive damage. Whether an EV charger fan is damaged by hot weather, rain, or an issue with the power plug, our technicians can diagnose and fix the problem.

  • Electrical Current Fluctuates While Using the Charger: If your EV charger isn’t working properly or runs intermittently, its electrical current may be fluctuating. Some models allow you to monitor their voltage via a smartphone app (it should be around 240 volts). Frequent changes in power levels can mean internal components are wearing out and need to be repaired.

  • It’s Taking Longer to Charge Your EV: Charging times should be consistent. An electric vehicle should reach a full charge in four to 10 hours using a Level 2 charging station. If your EV starts taking longer to charge, schedule professional service to determine the cause and how to fix it.

  • The Charging System Has Burnt Out: Newer EV chargers won’t burn out by reversing the positive and negative connections. They just won’t function. But if you have an older system without reverse voltage protection, placing the battery terminals in the wrong direction can damage the equipment. 

  • The EV Charger Is Visibly Damaged: Call for repairs if an EV charger has burn marks on it. If the unit’s exterior is dented or cracked, assume it has internal damage too. Broken cable insulation or visible internal wiring are also reasons to call an EV charger repair professional.

  • Your Electric Bill Goes Up for No Reason: A malfunctioning EV charger can drain energy and cause your electric bill to spike. If you haven’t increased usage of it or other electrical devices, consider hiring a technician to evaluate the system. Repairing an electrical fault can lower your monthly utility bill.

Call Service Champions for EV Charger Repair

Whether you have a Tesla home charger or another brand of EV charger, our experienced professionals can repair any problem. We also help homeowners in Northern California benefit from EV charger installation. At Service Champions, we make upgrading your home easy, so you benefit from lower costs, increased home value, and convenience. Call 833-600-0991 for prompt EV charger repair in the San Jose and Sacramento areas.

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