Do I Need to Upgrade my Thermostat

As a homeowner, you can choose from a variety of HVAC systems to address the heating and cooling issues of your home in California, in spring. No matter what you choose, the use of thermostat lies common to regulate their operation. The thermostat may look like an unobtrusive component installed on the wall, but it is single-handedly responsible for controlling how cold or warm your house stays.

It is one of the most underrated components in your HVAC system. Since the heating and cooling system of the house is only as effective as the thermostat controlling it, having an outdated or malfunctioning unit will seriously affect the energy savings and comfort of the house.

Why is the Thermostat Important

By using a thermostat, you can turn your compressors, fans, gas burners etc. on and off. In other words, it can be said that the thermostat is the control panel of your HVAC system. Hence, the quality of the thermostat you use is of utmost importance. A broken, malfunctioning or an outdated one will most definitely result in energy wastage and it may also need constant repairing. Instead, replacing it with a newer model is recommended.

Efficient Heating and Cooling of Your Home

Almost everyone has used a manual dial or a slide thermostat to regulate their HVAC system. However, it isn’t the most efficient system to heat or cool the house as it’s tricky to set such thermostats precisely to the required temperature. The manual thermostats leave a lot of room for inaccuracy. You get greater accuracy with digital thermostats, thus offering high energy efficiency as well.

Programmable thermostats are another category within digital thermostats that allow you to control your home temperature even while you are away. You can remotely control your AC or heater before coming home. Even if the temperatures are extremely high or low outside, with programmable digital thermostats you can come to a comfortable home set at the right temperature. Another bonus of digital thermostats is high energy savings.

Newer Models of Thermostats

Thanks to newer technology, even the thermostats have observed transformations. They eliminate the cons of the older, manual models and offer better features like remote controlling, higher efficiency and energy savings.

Digital Thermostat

These offer great precision for setting and controlling the temperature. With the help of a digital thermostat, you can heat and cool your home more efficiently as you get the benefit of push-button controls and an easy-to-read digital display.

Wi-Fi Thermostat

With this, you can operate your thermostat from any location if you have an Internet or smart phone connection. A Wi-Fi thermostat gives you great control over your home’s heating or cooling conditions from almost anywhere.

Smart Thermostat (Nest Thermostat)

This is the latest creation in the world of climate control technology. These thermostats not only allow you to remotely control the heating or cooling of the house, but also let you review your monthly energy reports. You can assess how much energy is being used in your house in different seasons. Based on this information, you can make necessary changes in your energy-consumption habits. Just create their programming and let the thermostat do its work, while maximizing your savings.

The best time to update your thermostat is during the spring, when the weather is neither too warm nor too cold. If you already have a digital thermostat instead of a manual one, it is never a bad idea to assess its functioning and see if any maintenance work needs to be done. Along with that, check if you need furnace repair or whether heating repairs have to be done. It is better to be prepared than caught in a home with an uncomfortable temperature. If you are looking for any service related to your thermostats, we, at Service Champions will assist you with that – guaranteeing great results.

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