Electrical Services You Need to Know About

January 24, 2023

Your electrical system powers almost every device in your home. Electrical failures are not only disruptive; they’re one of the top causes of home fires in the U.S. Therefore, it’s important to know what electrical services are important and have a trained, licensed, and experienced technician who can quickly address your needs. The most crucial electrical services include:

Electrical Installation or Repair

Circuit breakers, lighting, outlets, switches, dimmers, GFCI and AFCI protection, cables for phones and computers, ceiling fans, attic fans, and smoke and CO detectors are all wired to your electrical system. Servicing any of these requires professional expertise. One mistake can cause serious injury, damage to your home, and trigger issues that require expensive repairs. Call an electrician whenever you need any of these installed or fixed.

Electrical Panel Installation

Electrical panels and subpanels are complex systems. A lot of voltage flows through a service panel, as it distributes power from the utility grid into your entire home. An electrician can determine if your panel meets your home’s needs, and provide an update if necessary. Wear and tear can affect it, even if it’s the right capacity. Fortunately, a licensed electrician has the expertise to make repairs and avoid/resolve hazards.

Power Surge Protection

Whole-home surge protectors prevent damage from voltage spikes that originate outside and inside your home. They connect directly to your electrical panel. This protects against anything from lightning to downed power lines, to the normal cycling of large home appliances. Small surges may not be noticeable but can do substantial damage over time. Surge protection can therefore save you a great deal in the long run.

Whole Home Rewiring

The certified technicians at Service Champions can add outlets and switches, install new circuits, or rewire your entire home. Electrical wiring can deteriorate over time, creating various hazards. Schedule an inspection if your home was built before 1950 when cloth insulation was used. It tends to become brittle over time and fall off, leaving uninsulated wires exposed (a serious shock hazard). Along with new wiring, you may also need an upgraded electrical panel to increase capacity.

Backup Generators

A backup generator is a necessity because it protects your property when there’s a power outage. A trained, certified electrician can install one. When connected to your main power supply, it can instantly kick in when needed and keep important appliances running, prevent food from spoiling, and allow home security systems to run uninterrupted. 

EV Chargers

Having a home EV charger is a big convenience if you own an electric vehicle. You won’t have to wait at a public charging station and your vehicle will be ready to go by morning. Electricity costs are lower at night, so the system keeps expenses down. And with EVs becoming more commonplace, having a charger can increase the value of your home. Call us to learn more about your options and to schedule installation.

Schedule Home Electrical Services in Northern California

At Service Champions, our technicians are highly trained and background-checked, ensuring your electrical needs are met with the proper skills and attitude. Our pricing is always upfront and there are never any surprises or overcharge fees. We include a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee as well. If you’re ready to schedule electrical services in your home, schedule your visit online or call Service Champions at 833-600-0991 today.

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