Gas Furnace Maintenance: 3 Ways It Saves You Money

Most homeowners think, “Is a professional furnace maintenance visit really worth the money?”

It’s a fair question. After all, everyone who spends money on something expects to get something of equivalent or more value in return. So, what we want to show you is why gas furnace maintenance is a wise return on investment.

Here are the 3 ways gas furnace maintenance saves you money.

Prevents voiding your warranty

Most furnace manufacturers require that the furnace gets professional maintenance annually in order to honor the warranty.

They know that a furnace that’s not properly maintained will break down more frequently, costing them money. So, for you, no annual furnace maintenance=voided furnace warranty. This means more money out of your wallet when your furnace breaks down.

Check your furnace’s warranty to see what the manufacturer requires in order to honor your furnace’s warranty.

Keeps your furnace energy efficient

Your furnace has dozens of crucial parts that need to be professionally tuned-up and cleaned on an annual basis. Failing to do so will lower the furnace’s efficiency, increasing your energy bills as a result.

And considering that, according to ENERGY STAR, heating makes up 29% of your annual energy costs (about $1000), it’s something you want to keep working efficiently.

Prevents a costly breakdown & extends life of the furnace

Imagine running your car without ever changing the oil. The car would break down and you’d need to get it fixed. After doing this a few times, you’d definitely need a new car since the number of breakdowns would quickly reduce the car’s lifespan.

That’s what it’s like to never have a professional maintain your furnace. Not only will you be paying more on repairs, but you’ll need a furnace far sooner than you expected—and furnaces aren’t cheap!

When’s the best time for furnace maintenance?

The best time is during the fall, right before the cold season starts and heating companies get busy. Also, you want your furnace in peak condition during the time when you’ll use it most so that you’re saving money and reducing the chances of a mid-winter breakdown.

Think of it like giving your car a tune-up before taking it on a long cross-country trip.

Furnace maintenance—a solid return on investment

As you can see, furnace maintenance easily pays for itself in multiple ways.
Service Champions furnace maintenance visits are only $78, making it affordable for any homeowner.

We’re not shy about showing what goes into the maintenance visit either.

Here’s our furnace maintenance checklist (scroll down past the A/C maintenance checklist) detailing everything we’ll do when we come visit. Also, if you’re not 100% satisfied with our tune-up, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

Contact us today for your furnace tune-up.

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