How to Cut Down Energy Usage and Minimize Electric Bills

The harsh winter is behind you and the trees are showing signs of life by sprouting new leaves. While you enjoy the changing weather outside and are reorganizing your wardrobe, it’s time that your house also witnesses some changes. Spring time is when you can capitalize on the pleasant weather and implement numerous energy saving tips.

10 Energy Saving Tips for Spring

With the following tips, you can get your home ready for spring. By implementing them, you will save money as well as keep your home extremely comfortable.

  • Service Your Air Conditioner
    The use of your air conditioner may increase through spring, so you can start by servicing it. You can reduce your air conditioner’s energy consumption by almost 15% by routinely cleaning or replacing its air filters. Check its evaporator coil and clean it if necessary to ensure that the system performs at optimal levels.
  • Opening Windows
    Spring brings a pleasant breeze with it and you must capitalize on it. Open the windows to create a cross-wise breeze. This will cool your home in a natural manner, without the need to switch on the air conditioner.
  • Put the Ceiling Fans to Use
    Along with the spring breeze, switching on the ceiling fans will allow you to raise four degrees to your thermostat. It will negate the need for air conditioners and lower the electricity bill too. The best part – you will maintain a pleasant temperature within the house without sacrificing your comfort.
  • Cook Outside on Warm Days
    When it’s a warm spring day, you can keep the heat out of the home by cooking outside. Use an outdoor grill and avoid the indoor ovens.
  • Consider Installation of Window Treatments
    By installing blinds, films and shades you can cut down heat gain even when the temperature rises outside. These window treatments are quite energy efficient in addition to enhancing the look of your house. If you haven’t considered window treatment until now, it’s time you did.
  • Caulking Air Leaks
    Cracks in windows and doors will allow warm air to seep into the house, making it warmer and increasing the use of your air conditioner. Caulking all these cracks will keep the warm air out and reduce the need to cool the air, thus helping save energy and money.
  • Welcoming the Sunlight
    You can switch off all the artificial lights and brighten up the house by bringing in the sunlight. Open the windows and use skylights. Not only is this an energy saving practice, but it’ll also keep your home fresh and breezy.
  • Use Programmable Thermostats
    When you are not home, setting a programmable thermostat to a higher setting will reduce your energy costs by approximately 10 percent. This is quite energy efficient and doesn’t add extra digits on your electric bill.
  • Seal All the Ducts
    Leaky ducts promote energy loss. So, while your electric bill shows a spike, you may not get the necessary cooling required. Air loss through ducts accounts for almost 30 percent of a cooling system’s energy consumption. Seal and insulate all the ducts as air loss through them leads to higher electric bills.
  • Switch on Bathroom Fans
    Install bathroom fans as they suck out the heat and humidity from your home. This, in turn, will keep your home cool and comfortable.

There is never a bad time to start implementing energy saving techniques, especially at your home. So, the moment you see the first signs of spring you can use these energy saving tips. What’s more, you can boast about them too!

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