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Important Things to Know About Next Generation Nest Thermostats

July 27th, 2015

The main objective of any company is to satisfy the needs of its customers by providing the best possible products and services. After coming up with the first Nest learning thermostat a few months ago, numerous requests and reviews were obtained from customers. Based on the feedback, it was evident that a much better thermostat needed to be developed. The 1st generation Nest thermostat was well received, but the 2ndgeneration Nest thermostat would have to be better.

If you bought the 1st generation Wi-Fi enabled Nest thermostat, you will be happy to know that the 2ndgeneration Nest thermostat has been released. Some features of the new Nest thermostat are:

  • New hardware
  • 3.0 software
  • A beautiful sleek design

The new Nest comes with the following features:

Streamlined Design

The new Nest thermometer has a refined design. The sensor grille at the bottom has been replaced by a smooth lens, making the display more streamlined. It is also considerably slimmer than its predecessor, by as much as 20%. It also comes with a stainless steel ring case that reflects the colors around it, thereby adding to the improved aesthetics.The press connectors on the new thermostat have also been improved, making the insertion of heating and cooling wires easier and faster.

Increased Compatibility

It is worth noting that the new generation Nest is 95% compatible with low-voltage heating and cooling systems. This includes gas, geothermal, electricity, dehumidifiers, solar, heat pump, radiant, and humidifiers.

The 1st generation Nest thermostats were connected to Wi-Fi. However, the new generation thermostats have been upgraded and new software installed. The new software has additional features, such as:

  • System match- Unlike most thermostats that are only designed for the purpose of conventional forced air systems, the new ones have system match. What this does is activate different features of the thermostat depending on the kind of system installed.
  • Filter reminders – The Nest thermostats is able to keep track of how long your system has been on. It also reminds you to change your filters.
  • Early on – This feature switches the heat on at a particular time.
  • Heat pump balance – This feature is used to reduce the number of times the auxiliary heat is switched on, thereby saving energy.
  • True radiant – This feature is available for systems that use water and electricity for heating purposes.
  • Enhanced auto away – Nest learning thermostat is able to turn itself off if it senses that there is no one at home. This helps to conserve energy.
  • Auto schedule in heat and cool mode–You can schedule the optimal heating and cooling temperatures that you desire. It is able to switch automatically between the two programs according to your needs and set schedule.
  • New languages – All you need to do is go to the menu, click on settings, and select your desired language. The added language choices include French and Spanish.
  • Android compatibility – You can easily control the thermostat using your phone or tablet. This is possible using the downloadable Nest mobile app.

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