Is an AC Tune-Up Service Necessary?

April 6, 2023

At Service Champions, we find many people don’t take annual air conditioning service seriously. Why should you wait until your AC needs a big repair? Just because it looks and works fine doesn’t mean small issues aren’t developing. To answer the question as to whether an AC tune-up service is necessary, we say—yes.

Your AC may get months of rest during a Northern California winter. But that doesn’t mean it’s in top shape. Once it kicks in, it may not cool your home as effectively. A wide range of issues can occur and escalate without a tune-up. Just an hour or two of service (plus small repairs as needed) can ensure your AC runs smoothly and is free of breakdowns and major repairs during the summer.

Reasons to Schedule AC Tune-Up Service

  • Your Air Conditioner Will Be Ready to Go: If the unit has been turned off for months, you can’t expect it to suddenly run at peak efficiency. High demand during hot weather can increase strain if there’s a hidden issue. A tune-up helps find it so a technician can provide repairs that avoid a breakdown.

  • Maintenance Saves You Money: Regular maintenance is almost always less costly than requiring a major repair. It avoids the costs of parts and labor and keeps your warranty valid. Manufacturers often include a limited warranty that requires ACs to be maintained by a professional.

  • Your Air Conditioner Will Last Longer: Aside from avoiding repairs, regular AC tune-up service can increase the lifespan of your system. Neglecting maintenance can shorten its lifespan by as much as several years. With routine service, you can postpone the cost of replacing the unit and increase efficiency throughout the system’s life.

  • Air Conditioners Decline in Efficiency Each Year: Energy efficiency declines due to dirt and dust on the evaporator coils, clogs in the condensate drain, and blower components that need cleaning and adjustment. Poor lubrication can cause motor parts to wear out and operate less efficiently. A tune-up addresses these issues and increases energy efficiency and cooling output.

  • Prompt, Flexible Scheduling Ahead of the Peak Season: Summer is a busy time for AC contractors because of the volume of emergency calls. Many people also wait for the hot weather to install air conditioning systems. By scheduling your appointment before summer, you probably won’t have to wait as long, and your AC tune-up service can be planned around your schedule.

What We Do During an AC Tune-Up

Our licensed and trained technicians thoroughly check your indoor and outdoor AC units. We clean the system, inspect components, and verify the unit is working within normal operating parameters. A tune-up includes the following:

  • Check, clean, or replace air filters

  • Balance the blower wheel

  • Tighten wire connections if needed

  • Test blower and motor amperage

  • Measure the amperage draw on the condenser fan motor

  • Visually inspect the inside of the air handler

  • Measure temperature differentials

  • Inspect the drain and coil

  • Inspect and test for leaks

  • Measure refrigerant levels

Signs Your AC Needs a Tune-Up Now

Your air conditioner will often show signs that a problem is developing; this is when a tune-up can save you a lot of money. The most common reasons to call for an AC tune-up service now include:

  • The Unit Blows Only Warm Air: No matter how long your AC runs, it refuses to provide enough cool air. It will waste more energy the longer it runs without reaching the desired comfort level.

  • Little Air Blows from the Registers: If not enough air is blowing from the registers (even if it’s cool), the filter may be clogged or an air duct may be leaking.

  • Dramatic Temperature Variations: Your AC should provide equal cooling to every room. A technician can determine if the unit has a problem or if sunlight exposure, a lack of insulation, or window air leakage is affecting it.

  • Your AC Is Unusually Noisy: If unusual and loud sounds have replaced the typical hum of your AC, it needs a tune-up ASAP to address mechanical issues. 

  • Moisture and Odors Become Problematic: If moisture forms due to a leak, condensation, or poor drainage, it can lead to mold. Increased humidity can create air quality issues. Musty or smoky odors indicate serious issues that must be addressed by a professional.

Schedule Your Annual AC Tune-Up Service Today

Service Champions provides year-round AC maintenance to improve cooling performance and energy efficiency. We provide comprehensive tune-ups and check for potential issues to fix so your air conditioning system runs smoothly. Become a member of our Maintenance Value Plan program that includes an annual AC tune-up. To schedule air conditioner maintenance in Northern California, schedule your appointment online or call 833-600-0991.

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