Nine Steps To Get Your Furnace Ready For Winter

Before any winter season, you will need to ensure that your furnace is functional, energy-efficient, and safe to use. You will not want to turn on the furnace during that first cold day only to discover that it isn’t working. It is important to note that during the warmer months, many things happen that can affect your furnace.

Below are some tips and helpful insights on furnace service that will help you save money and stay warm during the colder season.

1. Schedule to Clean Your Furnace Early Before the Winter Months

Professional companies are usually very busy during the onset of the winter period. Therefore, it is always a good idea to schedule furnace maintenance for winter ahead of time. Hiring the services of a professional to clean and service your heating system is the best way to save you money in the long run.

You can be sure that the systems cleaned by professionals will always work better and more efficiently. To select a good company for the job, you can look for companies that are accredited by Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

2. Check and Change Your Furnace Filter

Before the winter period, please ensure that you check the condition of your furnace’s filter. You can consider changing the filter before the winter period begins. This will ensure that your furnace will function efficiently come winter.

3. Switch Your Furnace Thermostat From Cooling to Heating

When doing a furnace troubleshooting, you will need to confirm if your furnace thermostat is in good condition. You can confirm this by switching your furnace thermostat from cooling to heating.

4. Inspect the Chimney of Your Furnace

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Check for any obstructions in your furnace’s chimney such as bird nests and debris. Be sure to also check if there is a significant buildup of soot in the furnace’s chimney. Soot buildup along the chimney can be a very dangerous fire hazard. In case your furnace’s chimney has not been inspected in a long time, consider calling a professional to check and clean it for you.

5. Make Sure That the Furnace’s Burners are Free of Dust and Debris

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Usually, dust and debris can accumulate on the furnace’s burners during the summer. Therefore, you should consider cleaning the burners before the winter period starts. When cleaning the burners, take note of any signs of misalignment and rust.

6. Consider Oiling the Furnace Blower if Needed

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When preparing for winter, you need to ensure that all the components of your furnace system are clean and in good working condition. Usually, the furnace blower motor plays a big role in the efficiency and effectiveness of your heating system. Therefore, it should be oiled at least once a year to improve on its overall performance and prevent any unusual noises when working.

7. Make Sure the Thermostat is Functioning Correctly

A thermostat determines the efficiency of your furnace system. Therefore, if the thermostat is not working properly, then the heating system may not be working efficiently. To check if the thermostat is working efficiently, turn on your furnace thermostat and monitor how it responds. It should always start without any problem. In case you have a manually-operated old thermostat, you should consider updating it. Set-back thermostat allows you to completely control the room temperature of your home; therefore, they are the best choice. In addition, the set-back thermostat can be turned down automatically when you are away or are asleep. You will save a lot of money by using this type of thermostat.

8. Ensure That All Heating Vents Are Completely Uncovered

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Always double-check your heating vents to ensure that there is nothing blocking them. Blocked vents not only prevent the heat from getting out but also drive your heating up. Therefore, a blocked vent can lead to an overheated furnace.

If you apply the above tips to prepare for furnace maintenance for winter, you and your family will be assured of a blissful winter period.

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