How Do PureFlow™ Duct Systems Work?

March 17, 2017

Designed for comfort and energy efficiency, our signature PureFlow™ Duct System is your answer to poor indoor air quality and high utility bills.

The meaning of the term “PureFlow” can be found when you examine each of its components in isolation. The first word “pure” comes from Service Champions’ commitment to offering the freshest, cleanest, and healthiest air possible into our clients’ living spaces. The second word “flow” speaks to the comfort levels and airflow that we guarantee inside our clients’ homes.

Contaminants get into your duct system through a process called the Venturi effect. When air flows through your duct system, it pulls and sucks all of the contaminants that are in your attic—dirt, dust, algae, insulation—into the ductwork, which then flows down into your living spaces. That is, unless the ductwork is sealed and encapsulated.

The Problem with Leaky Ducts

The contaminants in your ductwork can cause obvious problems for those living in your home. Inhabitants may become sick or experience an increase in allergy and asthma symptoms. Leaky duct symptoms—and this isn’t an overstatement—are an epidemic in California.

The California Energy Commission states that the average California home loses 30% of its conditioned air through leaky ducts. In our own experience with clients, we’re finding that homes sometimes lose 50, 60, sometimes as much as 70% of their conditioned air to leaks in the ductwork! This is a huge problem for homeowners and for energy efficiency. The PureFlow™ process is designed to eradicate this very problem.

Comfort & Airflow

The flow of the air inside your home is what gives you the comfort. It’s not necessarily the operation of the air conditioning or furnace outside. Comfort is directly linked to the flow of the air against your skin. This is why flow and the design of your duct system are so important.

The Heart & The Arteries of Your Home

If your furnace and air conditioner are the heart of the HVAC system, then the ductwork is similar to the arteries. When someone has a heart attack, is it typically the heart that fails or is it a clog or broken artery? The source of the problem can normally be found in the arteries.

It’s the exact same with an HVAC and duct system. When you experience airflow or other HVAC problems, it’s often the duct system that is improperly designed or installed. PureFlow™ guarantees even and strong airflow through every room in your home.

The 13-Step PureFlow™ Process:

  • Onsite analysis of the entire HVAC system, duct system, and home design.
  • A PureFlow™ design specialist will design your system.
  • Installation begins with pulling the inner barrier of the duct over the metal connector, securing it with a high-tension draw band. The duct will remain in place for many years to come.
  • A coat of fiber reinforced VOC-free mastic sealant is applied to the joint. This keeps any contaminated air from reaching your living space.
  • Apply a layer of mesh tape to reinforce the joint so it won’t pull apart.
  • Return to step #4, apply an additional layer of fiber-reinforced, VOC-free mastic sealant over the mesh.
  • Insulation and the outer reflective vapor barrier are pulled over the sealed connection. Secured in place with another high-tension draw band.
  • All seams on metal connections are sealed with a fiber reinforced mastic sealant.
  • Additional layer of foil-backed insulation is added over any exposed metal on your PureFlow™ system, to ensure the temperatures in your crawl space or attic don’t affect the temperature of the air coming into your home.
  • Adjustable airflow dampers are installed throughout the PureFlow™ This helps avoid any hot or cold spots in the home and maintain a nice even temperature so everyone can be comfortable.
  • Every register is secured to the floor or ceiling with a high-pressure sealing tape. This ensures only pure air is delivered to your home, avoiding any contaminants.
  • The final step of the installation process is to install new, comfort-maximizing metal registers.
  • After the installation of the PureFlow™ distribution system is complete, a duct pressure test is performed to ensure tightness of your new system and energy saving compliance.
  • Here at Service Champions, we love our 13-step PureFlow™ process, and so do our clients!

PureFlow™ Duct System Benefits:

  • Eliminates hot and cold spots throughout the home
  • Significantly reduces energy bills
  • Free of poisonous gases and proven to be free of carcinogens
  • Prevents mold and algae growth in your ductwork and home
  • Made with environmentally friendly materials

You deserve to be as comfortable as possible in your California home; we guarantee the most innovative solutions.

For more information about the revolutionary PureFlow™ system by Service Champions, give us a call or contact us online.

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