Should I Keep My Windows Open Or Closed In Spring

April 13, 2021

Spring is here, bringing colorful blossoms and greenery. It’s a welcome and a much-needed change from the gloomy winters, but unfortunately it brings a new bout of spring allergies for many. The first response of such people is to stay behind closed doors and windows. Those who fear such allergies need to check their HVAC systems to ensure that clean air is being circulated within their homes. Spring is a good time for HVAC maintenance to prevent getting struck by allergies even while sitting at home.

If you don’t suffer from allergies you would want to open the windows and bring in some fresh air. Though it’s a good idea, you have to observe a little caution as there are a few drawbacks to this. There is a chance of dust and allergens entering your home, thus lowering the air quality inside your house. This can happen if you keep the windows open for too long. For those suffering from allergies, this can aggravate their condition. However, it does not mean that you don’t open the windows at all. Opening them for a few minutes every day will keep your house fresh and airy. Duct Maintenance will be helpful in regulating cleaner air through the house.

Why Should You Keep the Windows Open

The following reasons should convince you to keep those windows open:

To Air Out Your Home

You’ve kept your windows shut all through winter to keep the cold from entering the house. The commencement of spring means that you can say goodbye to the stuffy winter house and the unpleasant odor it may harbor. Air out your home by opening all the windows and bring in the fresh spring air. This will definitely eliminate the stuffiness of a ‘closed-winter-house’ and eliminate the unpleasant odors as well.

As A Substitute For Air Conditioner

Agreed that an air conditioner helps in keeping your house cool, but on cooler days you can switch off the AC and open the windows as its substitute. The air will instantly freshen up the room and even help you save money on the electric bill. So, whenever you can take advantage of cooler days, do it by opening the windows. However, remember that turning your air conditioner on and off too often can increase the cost of utility.

To Help You Relax

Winters are known to be dark and glum. You can say goodbye to those gloomy days in spring by bringing in some sunlight into the house. The sun won’t be too harsh in this season, which is why it would be a perfect time to open the windows and enjoy the light and breeze.

In short, spring is the ideal time to enjoy the open windows. However, you need to be smart about the choice of when you keep them open. If it’s too windy, close the windows to prevent dust coming inside the house. Keep an eye out for the corners that can accumulate dust or allergens, and clean them regularly. Make sure that there is no dust buildup even in the ducts and vents of your heating and cooling system. In fact, spring is a good time to carry out HVAC maintenance to attain a high air quality within your home.

We offer services such as duct cleaning, furnace repair, evaluation of air quality and heating repairs. After a thorough duct and HVAC maintenance, you can go ahead and open those windows. You can literally give your family and your home a breath of fresh, healthy air!

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