The Basics Of Air Conditioner Preparation And Maintenance

Your air conditioner plays a vital role during the summer months. When temperatures start to rise, you know that spring is over and all that you will need now is a working air-conditioning unit. Spring is, however, the best time to perform maintenance on your air conditioning unit.

Here are some things that you can do to ensure that your unit operates at its optimum level during summer:

  1. Replace the Old Air Filter
    You will need to replace the old filter with a new one. An air conditioner that is in constant use should have its filter replaced every month. A more frequent filter change may become necessary if allergens and other particles are heavy in the air.
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  2. Test the System
    After you have changed the filter, test the unit to ensure that it is working. Do this by turning the unit on and switching to cool mode and then lowering the temperature to the point where the air starts to cool. If the unit does not power on, check the circuit breaker. If that does not solve the problem, call a qualified AC technician to rectify the issue.
  3. Clean the Exhaust Section
    The exhaust section, which pulls in fresh air and expels stale air, is located on the outdoor unit. Dirt, leaves, and pollen may find their way into the exhaust section and cause a blockage. Use your hands to remove these particles and then wash away any remaining dirt with a hose to ensure that the exhaust is properly cleared.
  4. Examine the Ducts
    In order for your air conditioner to effectively cool your house, the air vents must not be obstructed. Position the vents away from anything that may obstruct them. If the air flow is not correct for the settings you choose, get the unit checked out by a qualified technician. Solving the problem may be as simple as cleaning the duct system. More complex problems, like mold, will require intensive cleaning.
  5. Use a Programmable Thermostat
    A programmable thermostat will allow you to automatically switch the AC unit on and off throughout the day when set temperatures are reached. When no one is home, it makes no sense leaving the unit running. You can program it to come on just before you return home. It may be an expensive investment initially, but the rewards in the long run are worth it. By turning on the air conditioner only, when necessary, you will save energy and money.
  6. Prepare Early
    During the spring months, ensure that your air conditioner is working properly. Perform maintenance on your air conditioning unit before the temperatures start to climb. Delaying this important task may result in a malfunctioning unit when you need it most. If you come across issues that you are unable to resolve, consult a qualified AC technician for assistance.

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