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What Are the Different Types of HVAC Systems?

September 14th, 2015

Time for a class in HVAC technology! Just in case you missed the first lesson, HVAC is short for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. It’s a whole system with the sole purpose of making the indoor environment habitably comfortable. HVAC systems are currently available in four different types. These four types of HVAC systems all come in different sizes and specifications to suit your business or home.

The Four HVAC System Types


i. Heating and Air Conditioning Split System

Split systems are the most classic of the heating and air conditioning systems. These are the traditional types of HVAC system where you have components of the whole system that are both inside and outside the building. HVAC split systems will typically have:

  • An air conditioner that cools the refrigerant
  • Furnaces and a fan or evaporator coil to convert the refrigerant and circulate the air
  • Ducts that carry air all through your building
  • A control panel/thermostat to manage the system
  • The occasional optional accessories for quality indoor air such as air cleaners, purifiers, humidifiers, UV lamps and so on


ii. Hybrid Heat Split System

The hybrid heat split system is an advanced version of the classic HVAC split system that has an improved energy efficacy. When included in these types of HVAC systems, a heat pump will allow the option of having an electrically fueled HVAC up and above the typical gas furnaces. An ideal hybrid heat split system that is cost effective will have:

  • A heat pump that heats or cools the refrigerant
  • Furnaces plus the evaporator coil for conversion of the refrigerant and circulation of air
  • The ducts to channel the air around your building
  • Your interface for adjusting and controlling the system
  • Optional accessories for more quality indoor air


iii. Duct-Free Split Heating & Air Conditioning System

A duct-free HVAC provides good installations for places and areas where the convectional systems with ducts can’t go. These systems are also ideally great compliments to existing ducted types of HVAC systems. Duct-free systems will have the following;

  • The heat pump or an air conditioner to heat\cool the refrigerant
  • A fan coil that is compact
  • Wires and tubing for the refrigerant, connecting the outdoor unit to the fan coil
  • The thermostat or control panel
  • Optional accessories to clean the air and make it more pleasant before its distribution through the house


iv. Packaged Heating & Air Conditioning System

A packaged HVAC system is the solution to those homes and offices without adequate spaces for all the separate multiple components of the split systems. Packaged heating and air conditioning systems will sort out confined spaces that range from entire homes to the one-roomed units, all in one package. Packaged HVAC systems will contain:

  • The air conditioner/heat pump together with the evaporator/fan coil in one unit
  • Thermostat/control interface for a complete control of the system
  • Optional air quality improvers. Things like the air purifiers, cleaners, ventilators or UV lamps, which gear towards making the air extra clean before it circulates your home or office.

That concludes our lesson in HVAC for now; hopefully it has educated you a little more on the various types of HVAC systems and what each of them contains. The primary goal for any HVAC system is to provide acceptable thermo comforts and good quality indoor air in a given building. With good knowledge of the available types and an understanding of your specific needs, it cannot be too hard to know what kind of a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system you would need.

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