When to Call for Heating Repair

Nobody likes the thought of having to call a professional for heating repairs. However, it’s always a good idea to call your heating contractor whenever you suspect that something is wrong.

Contacting a professional when you first detect a heating issue helps it from developing into a costlier repair, but it may also save you money and keep you safe.

At Service Champions, we offer comprehensive heating maintenance and repair, so we know the importance of finding and detecting heating problems early. We’ve responded to countless heating repair calls in Northern California that could have been avoided if the homeowner had just called us sooner.

Here are some common signs that you should call your heating contractor.

1. Strange Noises

Most of us don’t pay that much attention to our heating systems. The most common way that people learn about issues with their heating system is when it stops working.

However, a better way of telling if your heating system isn’t working properly is if it starts making strange sounds. Furnaces and boilers that burn fuel to create heat need particular attention to their noises because they can sometimes indicate harmful and dangerous problems, such as leaking gas and carbon monoxide.

If you hear rumbling, rattling, or other scary sounds from your furnace or boiler, contact your heating contractor as these can indicate a carbon monoxide or fuel leak.

2. Flickering or Yellow Flame

For homes with furnaces that burn fuel, it’s always a good idea to check out the flame on the burner on a regular basis.

The furnace flame should burn a healthy blue, not red, orange, yellow, green, or purple. If you have a blue flame, you know the fuel is burning safely and efficiently. If you see any other color than blue, contact a professional HVAC contractor right away.

The behavior of furnace and boiler flames is a good indicator of the health of your heating system. If you notice that the flames are flickering or if they are yellow, you should shut off your heating system immediately and call a professional. These flame signs can be an indication that your furnace or boiler is leaking carbon monoxide.

3. No Heat or Low Heat

If your heating system isn’t producing enough heat or if it’s producing no heat at all, call your heating contractor. Sometimes, these problems can be as simple as changing the air filter. But other times they can be the result of a more complex issue like the fan motor, the thermocouple, or the pilot light.

If you need heating repairs in Northern California, contact the experts at Service Champions. Our highly trained heating technicians who can visit your home, quickly diagnose the problem, and offer a reasonable and competitively priced solution.

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The best way to ensure proper heating performance is to sign up for a Home Maintenance Plan which automates annual maintenance for you. Most home maintenance plans also come with other benefits, such as priority service and exclusive deals and discounts. Annual professional maintenance helps ensure a safe and cozy winter season for all.

Service Champions is known for trustworthy, on-time heating and air conditioning service throughout the East Bay, South Bay, and Sacramento areas.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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