Why You Should Not Delay Water Heater Repair

December 21, 2022

Are you not getting enough hot water? Is it running out too fast or fluctuating between hot and cold? Have you noticed a rust color or odor in the water or is the unit corroded, noisy, or leaking? It’s time for water heater repair in your Northern California home or place of business. 

Delaying service is never a good idea. Below, we will explain why you should schedule hot water heater repair ASAP, no matter how minor the issue seems.

More Damage Can Occur

When one component isn’t working right, other parts may be strained. Ignoring the signs of trouble can therefore trigger additional issues. For example, a noisy water heater can lead to a damaged heating element or, in the case of sediment, damage to the tank. Vibrations can lead to a leak or water heater failure. New problems that arise can dramatically increase repair costs and the risk of needing emergency water heater repair.

Water Bills May Continue to Increase

Your water meter may register higher usage if the unit needs to be repaired. A higher than normal bill is a warning sign of a leak or other efficiency problem. If your monthly bill goes up month after month and you haven’t increased water usage, have your water heater checked by a professional. 

Puddles or damp spots at the base of the unit or in the drain pan, or rust around the base, can mean there’s a slow leak. Also, look for dampness around the connections of a tankless unit. This means it's time to call a specialist for tankless water heater repair. But if the source isn’t your water heater, look for signs of a leaking toilet, faucet, fixture, water pipe, or appliance.

Repairs Are Less Costly Than Replacing a Water Heater

According to HomeAdvisor, water heater repair typically ranges from $221 to $964, with a national average of 591, as of 2022. Some of the least expensive repairs include a thermocouple, thermostat, or relief valve replacement as well as flushing the tank. Replacing anode rods and dip tubes is inexpensive. Fixing a leaking tank can cost over $1,000. However, expect to spend up to $1,800 to replace the unit. (The average for installing a tankless water heater was $2,428).

Water Heater Repair Can Be Done More Quickly

A water heater can usually be fixed in a few hours, even if you need emergency water heater repair. It might take a couple of days to complete the replacement process. You’ll be without hot water during that time and the job can require renovation work that can disrupt the entire household. Oftentimes, prompt repairs can add years to the life of your water heater.

Water Heater Replacement Is a Greater Distraction

Repairing a water heater is much more convenient than having to replace it. Replacement involves disconnecting, removing, and discarding the old unit as well as waiting for the new model to arrive. Installers must often update water, gas, or electrical connections as well. When performing water heater repair, a technician usually just has to replace individual components inside the unit, so no significant changes are made.

Thus, this is another incentive for promptly scheduling hot water heater repair.

Who to Call for Water Heater Repair

Service Champions is the water heater repair company to call if you’re in San Jose, Sacramento, or elsewhere in our Northern California service area. We specialize in high-quality residential and commercial water heater repair. To request service from a Diamond Certified business with prompt, qualified, background-checked technicians and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, schedule a visit online or call 833-600-0991.

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