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Need serious professional help with your HVAC system in the Brentwood, CA area? Service Champions is your #1 choice!

For the better part of twenty years now, Service Champions has been serving the Brentwood area, keeping the AC & Heating systems in our flowering community working in tip-top shape. While the town was first founded in 1878, over the last couple decades there’s been a real transition into a modern rapidly-growing city with agricultural heritage. We like to believe we play a positive and productive role in that development.

How can we help you today?

Furnace Repair, Maintenance, & Installation in Brentwood, CA

Skipping furnace tune ups can cost you! Not just money, but serious stress as well. Consider what one simple component can do if let go for too long – the filter – according to the EPA:

“A dirty filter will slow down air flow and make your system work harder to keep you warm or cool – wasting energy and contributing to climate change.”

On the scale of millions of homes, this is a real chore for our society in and of itself. If your furnace is kicking on and off too quickly or your energy bills are mysteriously going up, call Service Champions.

Our furnace tune-ups are professional and as thorough as it gets.

They include:

  • Carbon monoxide, thermostat, and ignition system testing.
  • Cleaning combustion vents, air filter, blower motor vents, the furnace burner and more.
  • Lubricating all moving parts and tightening wiring and connections.
  • Thorough inspections, including infrared camera use for the furnace heat exchanger.

Brentwood’s AC Specialists

Trust us, we KNOW full well how easy it is for homeowners to forget about AC maintenance. As homeowner tasks go, honestly this is one of those components in a home (especially a larger structure) that few notice until something goes wrong. And yes, once something is amiss it’s usually going to cost substantially more than rudimentary upkeep over time.

Like your vehicle, your AC unit MUST undergo regular testing, inspections, and maintenance or it’ll literally fall apart. Furthermore, this is common practice if you want to keep warranties intact.

  • Service Champions technicians keep your AC unit working at peak performance levels.
  • This translates into better internal environments and lower energy bills.
  • Our AC tune up takes 60-90 minutes and involves 21 specific operations.
  • We flush, treat, inspect, clean, measure, test and monitor your system for you.

Join Our MVP Program

Standing for Maintenance Value Plan, we instituted this program to make AC and furnace tune ups a no-brainer. Annual tune ups are a part of the plan and we’ll ensure you don’t miss them. As a member you’ll also enjoy premium service whenever needed, priority installations, discounts on new units as well as parts and services, and much more!

To be specific:

  • Annual tune up at no extra cost.
  • No age restrictions on your system.
  • $250 off or 5% discount on PureFlow™ Ductwork or Comfort Cloud™ Insulation.
  • $500 off or 5% discount on any complete new system.
  • $50 off your diagnostic fee.
  • Water heater inspection, attic/crawlspace analysis, and more!

Build a Fruitful Long-Term Relationship with Us

How many other service-based companies that work with homeowners in Northern California have over 13,000 customer reviews? We don’t know either, but there’s not many we can tell you that! We pride our entire process and platform on service – it shows when you start going through our testimonials.

Here’s a couple we think really say a ton about who we are as a company of hard-working people.

“We’ve been a customer for 10 years and have found them to be on-time, friendly, professional, and fair. What else can you ask for?”

– Pete A.

“Always on time. Very reasonably priced! The service is OUTSTANDING! My wife asked the tech if he could help in putting an office chair together that she had ordered. He did it quickly and professionally! We have been with Service Champions for about 15 years. We highly recommend them for all your HVAC needs.”

– Stuart J.

A good percentage of our customers have been with us for many, many, many good years. Here’s to many more to come, and we’d like very much for you to be a part of our Service Champions family.

Our Other HVAC-Related Services in Brentwood

Service Champions is a full-service company, after many years building our processes to be the best.

As a full-service option, we can also help Brentwood homeowners with water heaters, home insulation, indoor air quality, ductwork, heat pumps, thermostat issues (this includes any new ‘smart’ products) and more.

Fast Service for All Your HVAC Needs

Reach out to Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning today and we’ll quickly get one of our HVAC technicians out to your Brentwood, CA property to address your issues and put your mind at ease – trustworthy, on-time, and worry free. We look forward to hearing from you.

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