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The history of Citrus Heights California is an incredible one, woven into the fabric of Western America. We’re proud to say that as a company serving the good people of this area, we’ve been a part of that heritage for the last couple decades. Today, should you need help with your heating and air conditioning systems we’re the #1 highest rated by folks like you.

Signs You Need AC Repair & Maintenance

The most commons calls we get and the most questions we’re asked revolve around when AC repair & maintenance is required. And when it is, what that looks like. To get started, here are four ‘take it to the bank’ signs that something’s up.

  • Improper Warmth: Uh oh, why is their warm air blowing out of the vents when it shouldn’t be? After checking the thermostat and adjusting, if the issue doesn’t correct then there’s definitely trouble brewing.
  • Lack of Airflow: It could be blockage in the ductwork, perhaps a motor is faulting or has broken down, or maybe something far more serious (and expensive) is in the works.
  • Leaking & Moisture: Whether it’s the spring and summer, we’re having an especially wet year in Northern California, or the cooling system isn’t working properly, this is a big red flag.
  • Bangs & Thumps: Of course these systems make noises, but once you start hearing any banging, thumping, thudding, rattling or unusual buzzing (vs. natural low-level noise when starting up or shutting down), it’s a problem.

When Is It Time for a New Furnace?

Alongside repair work, when it comes to home furnaces in the Citrus Heights area, people are most often concerned with new installations. When’s the right time? Here are four considerations to help ease your mind.

  • How Old Is It? Over the last two decades we’ve seen, worked on and replaced a huge assortment of different furnace makes and models. There comes a time when these machines need to be put out to pasture, and for you to upgrade the property’s heating system. What’s the average? Roughly 15-20 years depending on a range of variables.
  • Monthly Energy Usage: Whoa! Are your energy bills rising and you weren’t aware until the end of the year? This financial evidence shows the decay of your heating system’s efficiency and will need to be addressed sooner rather than later.
  • Uneven Heat: When you experience indoor humidity issues or when you notice that rooms or areas of the home or heating differently (perhaps not being heated anymore period), it shows your furnace has lost TOO much efficiency.
  • Frequent Maintenance: The good thing about Service Champions technicians is that we aren’t going to continuously charge you to put bandaids on a washed up heater. We’re going to install a new one for you.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Let’s say you 100% agree that we’re technically and professionally hyper-qualified and check all those boxes. Now you’re left wondering what it’s like to work with Service Champions, and for that, we’ll proudly direct your attention to our 10,000+ customer reviews.

Here are two we received recently which focus on our service orientation.

“The installers took the time to explain all aspects of the new system, including improvements over how the old unit had been placed. House was spotless when complete and everyone who came in observed proper hygiene (masks, foot covers, distancing, etc). Every contact was very professional and there were no surprises or gotchas.” – Deb B.

“We have lived here for over 30 years and we’ve used a number of heating and air conditioning companies during that time but once we got Service Champions, we’ve stayed with them. They have nursed our air conditioning unit for us for several years. Recently we got a new heater and air conditioner and they did an excellent job. They excel in professionalism, integrity and competence.” – Lindsey M.

Our Other HVAC-Related Service in Citrus Heights

Service Champions is a full-service HVAC company that can help with indoor air quality, ductwork, thermostats, attic & floor inspection, zoning and plenty more. Over the years we’ve continued to grow and expand our ability to show up, get things in order quickly, and improve your quality of life for an affordable price.

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Reach out to Service Champions today and we’ll quickly get one of our technicians out to your Citrus Heights, CA property to get everything back on track for the long haul – trustworthy, on-time, and worry free. This is the core of the Service Champions philosophy. We look forward to hearing from you.

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